Dolce and Gabbana Watch Collection – The Urban Youth Experience

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There are currently a staggering 33 different models in the Dolce and Gabbana watch collection.

D&G is a distinct entity of Dolce and Gabbana, and one of its most popular products is their flamboyant timepieces. Featuring such an extensive range of expressive watches that stand for fashion, trend and colour of the young.

Their watches are very influential due to their artistic symbols and full identity as a social phenomenon. Drawing inspiration from various cultures from different countries worldwide, this has surely captured the eyes and hearts of many individuals.

D&G Watches Main Points

There are so many D&G watch models for men and even more if you include the unisex ones too. Generally, most of the D&G watches have a youthful and colourful based theme.

They come in different materials and shapes that each has its own expression. But what is the main points and features that D&G watches possess?

Dolce and Gabbana Watch Collection   The Urban Youth Experience

  • Materials are basically standard, like most watches they consist of real leather, stainless steel, fabric and rubber wrist straps.The majority of the screen faces are made from mineral glass, which is not a high end watch material but nonetheless fine. What stands out is the way the materials are used to its maximum potential displaying a fresh play on designs.
  • The designs are a major point and the highlight of D&G watches. Versatility and character is what best describes their watches. From every element of any model, features a contemporary and colourful design.
  • If you prefer having a digital over an analog display, thats also available and of course, there is no exception of excellence in them either. There are even combination watches that feature both displays, however, these models are limited in range.
  • Although functions are not the main selling point of D&G watches, some models do incorporate the chronograph stop watch function surrounded by the watches impeccable design.
  • To add to the positive aspects of the D&G watch collection is the reasonable price tag. Many models are based between a similar price range of around £150-£250, which is not a bad price at all for a designer brand with an excellent reputation.

The universe of D&G evolution never ends, but will continue to suprise the world with their exciting designs. The company displays an open attitude to new youthful inspired creations.

The tasteful Dolce and Gabbana watch collection captures the attention of many people and turns onlookers into wearers. Don’t be suprised if you are tempted to join the D&G revolution.