Don’t Be Boring, Get Her Creative Gifts

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Advanced gift giving calls for creative gifts. You have dazzled her with flowers, amazed her with chocolates, bought her earrings and maybe even ventured into the realm of lingerie and are now looking for something new. Perfect! Congratulate yourself on being a romantic gentleman and lets see what we can find that is a bit more creative.

Wine To Commemorate the Event

Have a special event? There are several sites and some stores that will produce a bottle of wine with a special label to commemorate the event. My wife had a birthday recently and I had two bottles of White Zinfandel delivered with a custom label with her name, her birthday and a special saying. A card or note is always important and I had one made especially for her. You know what they say, wine gets better with time. With this creative gift, your relationship will too.

SPECIAL Chocolate

Some of the best chocolates are made in France. There are sites where French chefs specialize in making chocolates by hand. This was also a gift for my wife. She said that the difference was that the chocolates tasted like “adult chocolate”. They were delivered in a hand made wooden box that can be used as a jewelry box later. The box had a brass plate on the side commemorating the event. Expensive, but great as a special creative gift.

Custom Massage Oils

Hey, anyone can go to a store or online and order some type of scented massage oil and that is great, but you may be more romantic than that. Get a book or download instructions and make up your own! Not many women can say that their guy custom makes oils just for them! Find her favorite scent (my wife’s is honeysuckle), add a few drops to a light carrier oil and there you are! I also add a few drops of some additional oils (my secret blend) and she loves them.

Don’t Be Boring, Get Her Creative Gifts

Note In A Bottle

Take a walk along a beach with her; find a bottle half buried in the sand, open it and find a note telling her how much you love her. You can do this on your own or there are several sites that can help with this creative gift. Make sure you use her name so that she cannot mistake this note to her as one for someone else!! You will have to find a way to bury or hide the bottle so that someone else does not take it and it must be far enough up the beach that the tide does not really send it out to sea, but what a great surprise!

Custom Candy

There are companies that will package candy for you with your special message on it! Satisfy her sweet tooth and create a memory at the same time!

Gold Rose

The roses you gave her last year were great, but they did not last long. How about a real rose preserved and covered in gold or silver? Make sure you get a vase to put it/them in and include a note to complete this creative gift.