Don’t know what curtains to put up, don’t want room swamped

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by Sarah Emerson


Hi, I have 2 windows in my bedroom, 1 is a longer style window. The window on the left hand side has very little room to the left of the window – is right beside wall.

I don’t want the room swamped in curtains, but definitely need them as room is south facing and gets very sunny very early!

Someone suggested putting only 1 curtain on each window. What woul you suggest?

Dont know what curtains to put up, dont want room swamped

Hi Sarah

Your friend is right about single curtains on each window. The one on the left would have to fit right into the corner. So if hung from a curtain pole you would need to leave the finial off that end.

Another option I would tend to favour would be to fit made to measure roman blinds. I would fit them in the window recess just in front of your roller blinds.

This would solve the problem of curtains hanging awkwardly.

Best regards