Don’t Leave Home Without Frommers Rome

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Frommers Rome- If you’re going to leave home without your guidebook, you’d better know where you’re going, how to speak the lingo and how to get around. Why don’t you just make your life easier and grab Frommers Rome guide?

Unless you’re au fait with the Italian language and all its dialects, and unless you want to spend hours of your precious travelling time pouring over maps to work out how to get to places that may not even exist anymore, you’ll pick up a trusted Rome guide book and familiarize yourself with it.

Take your new travelling companion to bed with you long before you leave your home country. Frommers Rome is one of those ‘un-put-down-able’ publications that you’ll eat up as you plan your trip. It’s full of fascinating information that will make you wish you were already there. It might even make you pack your suitcases early and do away with the last minute trials you usually experience.

Don’t Leave Home Without Frommers Rome

Rome is a complex city. Sure, it’s full of romance, it can weave a spiritual path through your soul and it can cause your waistline to expand considerably, but there are no quaint little yellow footprints painted on the sidewalk to show you where to go. Frommers Rome contains maps not just of the immediate vicinity from within yards of the Vatican, but also maps that illustrate walking tours, where to get a cheap bite to eat, the various attractions (both popular and off the beaten track), shopping precincts and so much more.

One of the most useful guides is Frommers “Rome Day by Day”, especially if you are visiting the city for the first time, or have a limited amount of time to explore. The latest version includes 26 smart ways to see the city, and the best itineraries for one, two or three day visits to make sure you get the very best from your time.

Aside from the essential maps, you’ll be able to read the author’s reviews of various points of interest including accommodation, restaurants and attractions. You’ll read up on the history of Rome, its culture, the people, the currency and learn a few important phrases that you’ll need on occasion. All Frommers Rome guides contain a ‘fast facts’ section, invaluable for such necessities as babysitting services, medical professionals, embassies, restrooms, telephone services and so much more that you may not even have considered.

It’d be a wonderful thing to be shown around by a local who has lived and breathed the city of Rome his whole life. It’s perhaps a better thing to be able to access much of what he would tell you, by carrying around a portable publication such as Frommers Rome, that will entertain you as much as inform you … and won’t require you to buy it dinner or send a postcard upon your return home! Get yours, in time to consume it before you embark on your trip.