Dont Worry Be Happy

Elvis Elvis

“Get excited instead of getting worried!”

Sure, the guy who wrote the song Dont worry be happy has nothing to worry about any more, at least financially! But have you thought about how often you worry about things you don’t need to worry about at all? Or things you can’t change by worrying? Or you worry about things you can change, but avoid to do something with?

Stella L’Eclaire is married to a constant worrier, so this is something she know all about. The only reason she has a cell phone is so that he can call her when she’s out or he’s out and check that she’s well and alive. Once, in pre-cell-phone-times, he called the police since Stella hadn’t come home when he expected me to be home. It could be kind of cute if it wasn’t for all the cigarettes he smokes when he is worried – that makes Stella worry! Like that will make him quit smoking!

Dont Worry Be Happy

We all worry about stupid things – some of us more than others. I remember the first time I was going away for some days without my husband and kids. Instead of looking forward to the trip I was sick with worry! There was no end to the terrible scenarios I imagined because I was not going to be around for some days: from the house catching fire and all of them dying, to a likewise ending in a car crash or earth quake. I imagined my plane crashing and my babies growing up in the misery of not having their loving mother around – I even managed to make the scenario worse by picturing my husband being killed, too, and the kids ending up in an orphanage.

And what happened? The kids had a great time home alone with dad and I had a great time on my own! If I had chosen not to worry, but to be happy instead I could have had a fabulous time also while looking forward to the trip.

I’m sure you recognize this scenario: You’re about to fall asleep, then you start thinking about a meeting with your boss or that presentation you’ll do at work. Suddenly you are wide awake and start worrying about everything that can go wrong – from getting there late because of the traffic to start coughing when you should start speaking. Or even worse – letting out a fart! And what if you get stuck in the lift, like happened to a colleague some weeks ago? Or have your briefcase stolen? Or manage to delete everything on your hard disk? Or go blank?

When you get into worrying the list of scenarios is endless, the one scenario worse than the other. Wouldn’t it be great if great if you could turn things around and imagining all the great things that could happen instead? Like for instance: You get a seat on the buss, arrive early at work and have time for a cappuccino before the meeting. Your secretary has put fresh flowers on your desk. Your boss is in a terrific mood and you have a fun and fruitful discussion. The presentation goes smoothly and there are loads of follow up questions that you easily answer. You all go out for lunch in a fabulous restaurant afterwards.

Dont Worry Be Happy

Worrying can also be a way of setting yourself up for failure, as you tend to attract what you think about. If you are convinced that something will come up so that you won’t be able to go on holidays, then most likely that will happen. If you keep telling yourself that you’ll be broke by the end of the month (you always are!), then that probably will happen, too. Universe has a wonderful way of supporting our expectations, whether they are negative or positive. So whether you worry about being able to afford buying the dining table you dream of or not being let down by your new boyfriend, you’ll usually have it the way you imagined. Better dont worry, be happy – and imagine something positive instead.