Dreamcatchers, Guardians of the Night

Traditionally Dreamcatchers are believed to have been the brainchild of the Ojibwa indians of the mid west and in more recent times this idea was adopted by many other tribes throughout north America.

The charm would be hung above the bed to keep the child from having nightmares.

Good dreams would be allowed to filter through to the sleeping child, but bad ones would remain in the net and disappear with the morning light.

Dreamcatchers, Guardians of the Night

You will come across many different sized Dreamcatcher large and small but overall they all work the same, a huge one will not protect you any more than a smaller one.

However some Navajo believe that if blessed by a medicine man the owner will never have nightmares or evil spirits enter their sleep again.

Usually a hole is placed right in the centre of the webbing so that the good thoughts may pass through to the sleeping mind while the nightmares and evil spirits are caught up in the net.

Dreamcatchers, Guardians of the Night

Whether they work or not who knows, but you have to admit the idea that they may really is a heart warming thought.

I have seen them added to candle holders and made into earrings too, unless you go to bed with jewelry on or sleep walk i cant see these keeping the nightmares at bay.

A nice trinket though.

One final thought that I am certain about is that they do not catch flies and insects as one person I read suggested…..Perish the thought.