Dreams in observation mode?

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Most of the time we are the participant in our dreams, experiencing dream events through our own eyes. We see, hear and interact in the dreamscape as if we were really there and we feel the emotions involved.

Have you ever been the observer in your own dream? This is when you are looking at yourself playing through a scenario as if you were watching a movie. This is not exactly in the common dreams category, but many of us do have dreams like this from time to time and it is worth wondering about.

The reasons for such a dream are unique to our own current situation in life. Think of it as a way of stepping back and looking at things from a birds eye view.

The viewpoint is detachment, you’re in total observation mode. Perhaps you are in a process of change, integrating new aspects of yourself and need that bigger picture for more understanding. Or, you may be too involved in something to be objective and switch to being the observer to gain clarity.

In any case, there seems to be a need to be divorced from the body and it’s sensory processes in order to go beyond the aspects of personality.

If you have a dream like this and have no idea what it means. Try closing your eyes and going back into the dream in participant mode. See if you can get insights from sensory input to help you determine the situation being observed.
Dreams in observation mode?
One dream I had long ago in observation mode dealt with repetitive conversation going on between various people. In waking life, I have a profound hearing loss and in groups of people, I often lose the string of conversation because I can’t keep track of what’s being said.

It is a source of great anxiety for me and these dreams showed me that much of what is said between people is repetitive. I can still get the gist of it even if I don’t hear it all.

So, you can see what I mean about it being unique to the dreamer! Pay attention to these not so common dreams and look for their valuable messages.