Dungeons and Dragons is a social game

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Dungeons and Dragons is a social team building game, unlike many other board games. It requires conversation and interpersonal skills. In fact, the art of conversation is one of the most important tools you can have, according to player Bob Younce.

It can offer a platform to develop team building skills such critical thinking, communication, decision making and responsibility for one’s choices.

There is some debate that as a role playing game it encourages violence because essentially it is a game that involves combat where the archetypes of good and evil are set against each other. People can choose to play either a villain or a hero.

Dungeons and Dragons is a social game

It can be played around a table or online. Usually each player takes a character that is a specialist of some sort. One game can continue over several meetings. Each character directs a series of actions, interacting with the other characters in particular settings. A game consists of an adventure or a single story.