Early History Of St Helena Wine

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St Helena has historically been the commercial center in the largely agricultural Northern Napa Valley. As the wine industry has grown, the town continues to be a quaint business center that boasts restaruants, wineries, and shopping destinations.

The legendary Charles Krug Winery was established in the early 1850s. The winery was founded in the 1850s by Charles Krug, a German immigrant. Beringer was founded in 1876 by two brothers who also emmigrated from Germany. The winery’s current large base of inexpensive production gives them abundant capital to made some truly premium wines.

Krug was one of the major producers of wine in the Napa Valley during the nineteenth century. Unfortunately, the facility went out of business at the onset of Prohibition. Much of the vineyard acreage was converted to other agricultural products in the years immediately following Prohibition.

Early History Of St Helena Wine

In 1943, Cesare Mondavi bought and restored Charles Krug Winery with his two sons, Peter and Robert. After two decades of collaboration, Peter bought out Robert’s stake in the winery after a bitter family feud. Robert would go on to found his own famous winery in Oakville.

Peter currently produces over 1 million cases of wine a year, most of it value-driven. Of the quality wines produced by Charles Krug, their Sangiovese has gained the most accolades.