Easy Dream Journaling

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Like it or not, dream journaling is a must. Unless you write your dreams down, they will simply fade away from your memory. The good news is there is no rocket science involved and there really isn’t any one way to do it.

Even if you don’t use any recall method and you only remember your dreams on certain days (like weekends), consistency is what is important.

Keep up your dream recording whenever you do remember them and it will become a habit. Whatever works for you is fine whether you write it down on a napkin or notebook, or enter it into your online journaling software so you can keep statistics.
Easy Dream Journaling
Personally, I prefer writing my dreams down. I find that the intuitive connection is stronger when putting pen to paper. However, there are some good software programs available if you’d rather do the online method.

Whatever method you use, it’s best to get it down as soon as you can. Right after you get up would be the best time to do it, but I know that many of you just don’t have time to spare…and asking you to get up a half hour early is not practical advice.

In that case, keep the dream in the front of your mind, or even jot down a word or two somewhere so you don’t lose the memory.

Here are some suggested tips on dream recording for later interpretation:

    • Work quickly and get your dream down in fragments, recording only events that seem important. Leave out inconsequential detail.
    • Write down the overall feelings and emotions. This is the key to your basic interpretation.
    • Make a list of the main characters, symbols and images.
  • Be focused and do this is 15 minutes or less

See…no rocket science involved! A child can do this. Keep it simple and avoid lengthy description. If you labor over this, you might get bored and you will lose your intuitive flow.