Easy made scarf swags

Simple to make scarf swags.A really easy top treatment, either on its own or over curtains. Maybe over a blind as well.

First step

measure up your window, measure the width of your rod or pole. Then add on the drop ( from the rod or pole down to where you want the tails to stop). Double this for both sides. So to recap you want the width plus BOTH sides. Add together to get your total scarf swag length.

The width just use the full width of your fabric. Nice and easy so far hey.

Now to hem your fabric

Hem all four sides by turning over the fabric by 2cm, then turnover a further 2cm. Pin your hems all tha way round your scarf swag.Then sew down either by machine or by hand. The other option is to use wonder web fusible tape and press your seams down.

Talk about really easy or what………..?

Easy made scarf swags

What the heck do I do with that I hear you say………?

Well the answer is pleat your fabric !

I find it useful to tie bands of scrap fabric at intervals along the length of the pleated swag. This holds it in place while I start to hang it, especially if it’s a long scarf swag.

Then finally to hanging and dressing your scarf swag.

Hang it over your rod or pole, then make sure both sides are even length. See diagram for details. Then take of the bands and start to tease the center of the swag down bit by bit. Until it’s exactly as you want.

Easy made scarf swags