Easy tips to get your sex life back on track

It’s a bit like the whole chicken-egg argument. Which comes first exciting sex life or romance. It’s difficult to have one without the other in a committed relationship.

Did you know that the two biggest causes of problems in relationships are the bank and the bedroom. Couples argue about money and sex. It seems that when one of these is out of balance the whole relationship tips precariously into the danger zone.

If things the bedroom are fun and exciting then nearly everything else is going well (I’ll leave the whole money thing for another time). However when there is trouble between the sheets then that is usually an indication that all is not travelling well.

Find some ideas to get the balance back in your romantic relationship.

Top Five Passion Killers

Kids are Ruining Your Sex Life
This is highly likely and perfectly normal after the birth of a baby. It’s easy to get wrapped up in the baby and the other kids and forget about your romantic relationship. However you must make your relationship a priority. Don’t let kids sleep in your bed unless it’s an emergency. Your bed is for you and your partner. Hire a babysitter and have some kid-free time. The biggest gift you can give your children is parents in a loving and committed relationship.

Too Tired

Your too exhausted to even raise the effort to have sex. You probably haven’t got the energy for a lot of other things either. You need to find some me time. Exercise, eat well, enjoy a hobby. Your self-esteem will increase an you’ll be happier and more energetic. Now what to do with all that energy???

Easy tips to get your sex life back on track


Now, this one can particularly apply to women. Women get more turned on by stimulation of their brain. Perhaps you could explore some sex aids or erotic literature.


The expectation of sex can be a big turn-off. Perhaps you could start with a massage. Sometimes just the thought of getting started is the problem. Maybe you could just go with it and find out that you enjoy yourself after all.

Taking Each Other for Granted

Sometimes you just get bored of each other. Don’t give up. Make it a joint mission to inject some romance into your relationship.