Eddy Grant – 1948 from “The Equals”

Edmond Grant known as Eddy the talented young man who started his band with some school friends, forming the group “The Equals” was born in Plaisance, British Guiana in 1948. At the age of twelve in 1960 he and his family immigrated to England and lived in London.

The band he formed was one of the first multi-racial groups to appear at that time with the other group members consisting of Lincoln and Derv Gordon – twin brothers from Jamaica, and Patrick Lloyd and John Hall two “white” school friends.

They had a few hit records some taking the number one spot in the UK charts of the late 60’s and then in the 1970’s.

• “Baby come back” – 1968

• “Viva Bobby Joe” – 1969

• “Black-skinned Blue-eyed boys” – 1970

He also wrote a song that was recorded by legendary “Prince Buster” of the hit “Al Capone”.

Eddy Grant   1948 from The Equals

In 1971 at the age of only twenty three he suffered a heart attack and a collapsed lung. Thankfully he survived but left “The Equals” and opened his own recording studio “The Coach house”.

In 1977 he went on and released his first solo album “Message Man.”
Then following his second album which was “walking on sunshine” it included the single that was also a hit “Living on the frontline”.

Also on the album was a track called “Dancing in Guyana”. His last well known British hit was “Gimme Hope Jo’anna” of 1988.

Eddy can now be found living in Barbados were he has a recording studio “The Blue Wave” which has been used by other famous singers such as Mick Jagger, and Sting.

He also has his own record label “Ice Records” and is still actively involved in “Soca” and Calypso music.

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