Educational toys – Interpersonal Intelligence

Have an outgoing personality? Are you people oriented?

Interactive educational toys are perfect for you. Interpersonal intelligent people love interacting with others. These children are noticeable people oriented and outgoing, and prefer learning with others in groups or with a partner. They are often labeled “talkative” or “social-butterflies.”

The best way to increase this intelligence is to talk and engage in play with your tot. Babies especially need personal interaction to increase this intelligence. For toddlers and pre-schoolers, there are many educational toys and educational games that encourage cooperative play.

Educational toys   Interpersonal Intelligence

Here are some interactive educational toys for tots:

Board games that encourage all players to work together to win are great educational toys. They encourage cooperation and taking turns as well as problem solving skills. These are games for family and peer play. Some board games have musical jingles and verbal instructions that encourage listening and sensory stimulation.

Pretend play toys and stations are fun and realistic educational toys that help children practice social relationships. Toddlers and pre-schoolers often play “family” with these types of toys. It’ll shock you at how well they’ll interact. Also, you’ll learn how they absorb and watch everything we do. So, if your tot is yelling at her husband, maybe it’s time for some self-reflection.