Educational toys – Mathematical/Logical Intelligence

Do you ask “show me the numbers”? Are you known as the human calculator?

My friend, educational math toys were important in building your mathematical/logical intelligence. This intelligence is composed of individuals who display an aptitude for numbers, reasoning, and problem solving. These people do well in traditional “conformist” classrooms where teaching is logically sequenced.

Young children form this intelligence through education math toys that involve problem solving, counting, sorting, number recognition, and patterning/sequencing.

Here are educational math toys that will help your tot develop this intelligence:

Manipulatives are perfect for all ages. Infants will use them as teething snacks, but as your child grows, you can help them learn to sort, make patterns, and count. Letter manipulatives also help build Verbal/Linguistic intelligence.

Educational toys   Mathematical/Logical Intelligence

Marbleworks towers provide endless hours of fun and learning. Your child will use their logical abilities to predict different patterns and pathways. These towers are for older toddlers and pre-schoolers.