Educational Toys – Musical/Rhythmic Intelligence

Play multiple instruments? Can you easily find the beat?

Mozart Effect baby toys weren’t around in our childhood, how do you think we learned musical skills? Classical musical toys are beneficial to small children’s musical intelligence. However, these are not the only ones. There many types of musical/rhythmic toys that influence musical intelligence.

I like to use the term “Mozart Effect” in relation to any musical toy. Tots will respond effectively to different music genres and stimulate their budding brains.

Children who learn through song, patterns, instruments, rhythms, and musical expression are “in- sync” with their musical intelligence. Musically inclined children are often over looked in traditional classrooms. Luckily, you can enhance this artistic intelligence at home.

Musical instruments like these involve the whole body in the musical experience (think…Bodily Intelligence). These are great for all ages. For small tots: Babies will crawl on this to learn cause/effect, and toddlers and preschoolers will make rhythmic tunes with hands, and feet!

Educational Toys   Musical/Rhythmic Intelligence

I want you to forget about those Mozart Effect CDs and videos. Okay, the CDs are good for background music. But, hands-on toys are the best way for tots to experience music. These types of toys not only increase musical intelligence, but build sensory and thinking skills as children manipulate them to make sounds. They can’t do that with CDs and videos.