Educational Toys Play Concepts

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Educational toys play concepts are easy to learn. They’re based on the idea that play is one of the most important tools for child development.

That’s why children’s only job is to play. They really learn through the play process.

What is the play process? A process is the course of action needed to accomplish a goal.

Here’s a scenario to illustrate the play process:

Background: A mother gives her toddler a bag of blocks while she cleans the kitchen.

The goal: Keep the toddler occupied.

Here’s the toddler’s play process:

Wow, look at this block. It feels smooth and hard. What happens when I throw it? Ah, it makes a neat noise.

Oh no, mommy’s coming over. She says I can’t do that any more, to be gentle. Okay. Hmm, maybe I will put this block over this other one.

This looks like a building. What happens if I put more on top? WOW! It’s getting bigger and bigger.

Hey, why is it doing that? It’s leaning to the side…It’s changing shape…Now my building is gone. All the blocks are on the floor. I like that. I’ll do it again.

Okay…so my toddler “inner voice” isn’t the best. But you get the idea.

Educational Toys Play Concepts

What did the play process teach this toddler?

The toddler learned:

  • How a block feels.(Sensual Observation)
  • Throwing a block makes a noise.(Cause/Effect)
  • Mommy doesn’t like blocks thrown.(Social Norms)
  • Stacking the blocks is an alternative to throwing them.(Problem Solving)
  • Stacking blocks makes a tall structure.(Spatial Awareness)
  • Stacked blocks look like a building.(Comparison)
  • Stacked blocks will lean and then fall.(Cause/Effect)
  • Blocks fall down (Science: Gravity)

Educational toys play concepts are easy to implement. A 10 min play activity with blocks taught that toddler lessons in seven developmental areas. Wow. The mother’s goal was to occupy the toddler for 10 minutes. However, she did much more.

The child became Knowledgeable about blocks. This knowledge is handy later when she learns about gravity in school, or how to write a comparative story.

I hope you’re beginning to understand educational toys play concepts and the importance play in child development. Don’t stop reading, there’s more to understand about play.

Fun is Key

Another element of educational toys play concepts is to not pressure or force your child to “play” with anything. If they don’t want to play, take it as a sign of disinterest. Then, Leave Them Alone!

Important: Fun is in the eye of the child. Pay attention to their cues.

Educational toys play concepts are focused on children playing and having fun while learning. The Result: The toys secretly encourage brain development.

Educational toys play concepts exclude “Non-fun” approaches. They are not recommended to build intelligence. Some of them do work. Proceed Cautiously: Kids do burnout. When they do, which can be years later, please don’t blame the educational toys.

Educational Toys Play Concepts Overview:

  • Tots play and stimulate their brain with educational toys.
  • They have fun learning (i.e. playing), and love it.
  • These kids develop intellectually, and yes…academically too.

    Give tots educational toys and they’ll happily do their job.