Effective drill for younger baseball players

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This is a drill primarily for younger baseball players. It’s something I like to do to keep them all engaged at the same time, while attempting to teach them proper techniques for hitting. The wiffleball bats help with the safety factor.

I ask that each player bring their own wiffleball bat to practice. I then stand on the pitcher’s mound while the players form a circle around me. Not that you need to form a circle around the pitcher’s mound, just that the mound is a good starting point to form a circle.

The coaches and I make sure that each player is spread apart enough so that they won’t hit each other with their bats. I then have them all get into their batting stance. After having a chance to observe and make a few adjustments, I ask them to take their swing. I may ask them to do this a few times.

Being in the center gives me a chance to observe all of them during this process, as opposed to focusing on just one player at a time. I can see where everyone keeps their hands, if their shoulders are level, where they place their feet, etc.

Effective drill for younger baseball players

Being in the middle also gives me a chance to point out something with one player and have everyone else able to see the corrections that need to be made. So, forming the circle not only becomes a good observation tool, but also a good teaching tool.

Once satisfied with the team’s progress, we then move into hitting live pitching with the kids using the techniques just taught.

Just a little practice drill I’ve found to be beneficial to my coaching.