Electric remote control cars

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Electric remote control cars are still neck and neck with nitro remote control cars for good reason. Electric RC cars are easier to maintain, cost less, quiet, ect.

For someone that is getting in the hobby for the first time I do recommend an electric rc car to start out with. But the technology and engineering of nitro rc cars have come a long way, with RTR (Ready To Run) nitro cars and trucks, it has made it even easier for a beginner to start out with a nitro rc car.

Radio controlled car companies do offer a RTR version in almost every model that they carry, making it so the hobbyist doesn’t have to hassle with the time building a rc car when they could be driving the rc car.

Now lets get down to the nitty gritty, Advantages and Disadvantages of the electric rc car.


For someone that is starting out in rc cars, electric remote control cars are easier to get going.

If you notice a problem with the performance of the car, it is much more straight forward on how to fix it.

They require less maintenance, because there are less mechanically working parts on it.

Electric remote control cars

They can be run indoors.

They are definitely quieter than a gas powered rc car.


The run time on an electric remote control car is determined by the battery, it must also be recharged after use which may inconvenience some.

The car usually runs best with a fresh battery, and it will begin to die in performance steadily.

Dollar for dollar they are not as fast as a nitro car.

Takes some of the realism out of the hobby because you cannot smell or hear the car.


I absolutely love Electric remote control cars, most of the cars that I run in races are electric. With the right accessories and tuning you can have just as much fun if not more with electric rc cars than you would with nitro rc cars.