Electric Scooters – Plug In, Recharge, and Play

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Electric scooters have proven to be a fun, efficient, and cost effective form of transportation (assuming you’re only using it for short trips).

They are extremely gas-saving because they don’t use any gas. Typically electric powered scooters run on rechargeable batteries…(no, not AA), although fuel-celled models as well as gas/electric hybrids are also in production.

Operating costs for these are about 1/20th the cost of operating comparable gas scooters. But does that make them perfect for everyone?

Yay or Nay to electric motor scooters? Let’s consider some points first.

Yay…Positive Aspects

  • Electricity is cheaper than gas. You don’t have to cringe at every fill up.
  • Most electric motor scooters are extremely quiet or silent.
  • They are “green”. Almost no carbon footprint.
  • Less trips to the gas station. Can be recharged at home.
  • Easier to maintain. No more oil changes, transmission oil changes, or tune-ups.

Nay…Negative Aspects

  • Can be more expensive. Of course, everything that’s good for you has to be more expensive. This is probably considered an “organic” vehicle…no chemicals.
  • Can only be used for short-trips, unless you have no problem asking strangers if you can plug in to their outlets.
  • Refueling can take hours.
  • Lower maximum speeds when compared to gas models.
  • Driving near cars may be dangerous…they can’t hear you.

    Electric Scooters   Plug In, Recharge, and Play

Of course, with the cost of gas today, it may make sense to purchase an electric scooter. You have to determine whether the pros offset the cons.

You can choose from two-wheeled to three-wheeled styles, and varying sizes, colors, and designs.

Overall, they are fun – really fun. Be the talk of the town, glide by gas stations and onlookers in a shiny, quiet electric scooter.