Eliminate Scooping With an Automatic Cat Litter Box

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Automatic Cat Litter Box:

Aahhh, the deluxe model that promises to ease your cleaning pain.

You set it up, put litter in the box (and only fill it to the line), plug it in, and wait for kitty.

Automatic cat litter boxes use litter efficiently – you only fill to the line, so a bag or box of litter lasts much longer.

It scoops itself, once kitty has vacated the box.

There’s no need for you to remember to scoop with your busy schedule!

All waste material is in one enclosed canister that you can pop out, and toss away.

The motor uses a raking action to move waste into special containers which means you never have to touch kitty’s offerings.

Once kitty deposits, and exits back to her life, a little motor whirs (or roars, according to Scout), and starts chugalugging the length of the litter field, pushing, or dragging tines. The tines collect or catch the “stuff” (you know what I mean), and carry it to a waiting receptacle. Once the dumping is accomplished, the motor whirs and the tines retreat to their resting place to await the next blessed event.

Eliminate Scooping With an Automatic Cat Litter Box

You’ll only have to clean it about once a month.

The quiet motor action means you won’t hear it as it scoops for you.

Automatic cat litter boxes are roomy for kitty to maneuver around in – she’s not crowded, and she won’t miss.

You won’t have to scoop cat waste, nor will you have to worry if the box is full. You’ll always have a clean box for kitty to use.

What’s really cool about the automatic cat litter box concept is that kitty can go as often as she likes, and this thing faithfully accomplishes the task…as long as there’s electricity.