Encourage Development in Delayed Toddler

Many times parents have concerns over how to encourage development in delayed toddler who is not talking or is only saying a few words. These same children seem to understand what is being communicated to them.

These children are said to be expressively delayed. For various reasons, they need help overcoming thier talking delay.

My daughter is having trouble mastering language. She understands everything that is said to her. For her it had a lot to do with being a triplet. There was not a need to talk.

So, how do you help a child overcome their barriers to communicating and encourage development in delayed toddlers?

Encourage Development in Delayed Toddler

Below are 4 ways to encourage development in delayed toddler

1. Not Anticipating Needs or Desires

Encourage your toddler to speak by not speaking for him. Create ways to require him to talk or gesture. Place a toy out of reach and wait for your toddler to ask for it. If he points or asks for the toy, then let him have it (If the child becomes frustrated then try to prompt the child-if he still does not respond then answer for him and then give him the toy).

2. Delaying Responses To gestures

If a child points or gestures this is a form of communication. You do not want to ignore it. However, by delaying a response you can encourage development by prompting for words.

If he is pointing to a cup wait then ask “What do you want?” (wait) “Do you want (something nearby)?” (wait) “Do you want your cup?” (wait) “Oh, you want your cup.” Do not expect him to say cup right then.

3. Improving Your Speech

Talk to your toddler often and use words when showing her something. If she picks something up then name it -such as doll or cat.

Use the correct name for items. Do not repeat your childs mispronounced words. They are cute but your delayed toddler needs to hear it said correctly.

4. Read Books to Your Delayed Toddler

Use simple word combinations to describe the picture on the page rather than reading lengthy text.