Engagement Ring Options – How Do I Take The Next Step?

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You’re going to choose the engagement ring that you feel most comfortable buying because you’re going to narrow down the options that have been intent on driving you mad already!  

I’m In Love And I Want To Get Engaged!

Great news! You’re in love and you want to get engaged but you’re more confused than when you started! 

Okay it’s time to calm down because help is at hand. You’re going to choose the ring that you feel most comfortable buying because you’re going to narrow down the options that have been intent on driving you mad already!  

Book marking this page would seem to be a good idea because you’re about find all the info you need all in one place. Spending a little time reading will be a requirement if you’re to make the right choice.

Why Are Men Turning To The Internet For Help?

A lot of men in “pre-proposal mode” are turning to the Internet to give themselves a head start in the engagement ring knowledge department only to find that there’s a huge volume of quality information available  BUT: 

1: You have to endlessly surf for it which makes it tedious and confusing.
2: All the information in the world’s not going to turn you into a graduate gemologist / metalsmith overnight. 

Engagement Ring Options   How Do I Take The Next Step?

Buying Engagement Rings Online

Some men figure that buying online will save time, money and the hassle and fear of going to their local store and being faced with an intimidating sales person that everyone loves to hate, or yet worse still an unscrupulous knowledgeable Jeweler out to exploit the situation to the max. 

Fear not! Because you’ll get all the help and advice you need in choosing which buying option is best for you.  

First Things First – Is She In On It?

The first thing you must decide is whether she’s in on it or whether you’re going to surprise her. Since it’s such an important decision to make our best piece of advice for all you modern men is to get “her” involved at the start. This is particularly relevant if you’ve already been discussing marriage at some time or other. 

The whole point of an engagement ring is NOT to succumb to the illusion that she’ll love you more if you spend a small fortune on her engagement ring. The point is that she’ll see how serious and determined you are to marry her which in turn will help to influence her affection towards you!

The latter is the preferred outcome simply because it builds a solid foundation on which to base a marriage in the first place. After all, an engagement ring symbolizes the purity and strength of love between two people. 

By getting her involved at this point, right from the start (Hi Ladies!), will save you time and frustration and will perhaps allow her to choose the ring she’ll adore. Win win situation? 

A word to the wise – Don’t expect to necessarily be coming in way below budget with this option, we merely suggest that some (a lot) of the emotional headaches will be removed thus narrowing the options into a more palatable final choice.

Surprising Her Is The More Challenging And Or Romantic Option

If you’re genuinely planning to surprise her on bended knee (or similar) then you have definitely chosen the hard way. Although it’s the more noble of ways to propose it’s certainly the more hazardous approach especially if she says no. But you’re confident she won’t say no right?

We wish you all the luck in the world except in the engagement ring department

Huh? You won’t need luck with choosing the right ring because you’re already heading in the right direction to narrowing the options and making the perfect choice. 

With 30 days to return your purchase much of the risk has been eliminated. If you need help with the proposal then no problem! You’re already looking at the right website. Of course if it all goes the way of the dead donkey then you need to know your options. Just keep reading…..

What’s My Budget?

Good question! Setting your budget is going to be one of your first concerns. Some Jewelers will tell you that an approximation of two months salary is the norm. 

Why? We don’t agree or disagree with this method as ultimately it’s up to you.

The real dilemma you’re going to face is whether you think you’ve spent enough to show her she’s worth it and that’s another good reason why we advise that you get her involved at the start. It doesn’t matter if you spend $100 or $10,000 it’s your future fiancée that you need to please and not your conscience. 

You must learn to concentrate on her happiness because there’s no hard and fast rule for making the right choice. Ultimately common sense will have to come into the engagement ring equation at some point. 

For instance are you prepared to take out a large loan that could take years to pay off? Are you thinking of marrying as soon as possible and will you need to conserve finances for the wedding and honeymoon? Are you planning to have children? Are there existing financial matters to consider? 

If you don’t have financial concerns then hey that’s great! But most men will need to exercise some caution at least. Setting a realistic budget is going to be your main concern and then sticking to that budget is going to present its own set of headaches in return. 

It’s not easy is it? 

Only you can decide and as a general rough guide here’s what a few different types of engagement rings might set you back if you were to buy online. 

  • A very good small to medium diamond engagement ring: anywhere between $3-$6000. Add on five thousand for a slightly larger one larger one. 
  • A very nice example of a “Moissanite” ring: Between $600 – $2,000. 
  • A decent birthstone and diamond ring (Ruby, Sapphire, Emerald etc..): $600 to $1,500+ Depending on the type of stone and its size and quality. 
  • Cubic Zirconia $25 -$125.  

Who’s left?

Even though up to 80% of all engagement rings sold each year in the USA are of the diamond variety, some women either don’t like diamonds, or would prefer a precious gemstone ring instead, or even something antique or unusual. 

Then there are those that are opposed to precious gemstones and would prefer a man made substitute. Lastly there’s the man who wants affordable alternatives and the couples that simply want to spend more on the wedding or honeymoon. 

Oh! And we nearly forgot all those who want to view and assess ALL the options before making a decision.

Get Educated!

It really doesn’t matter what yours or her motives, a little education will go a long way. Don’t expect to become a Jewelry expert – but do expect to become an expert in making an informed choice, and that ought to be enough to move things along in a positive direction. 

We recommend that you print it out and refer to it when you come across a term that you don’t understand. Each article you’ll view on this site already comes with its own tutorial but the reference guide can also be used to verify a question that doesn’t seem to have been answered in the text of an article.