Engagement Ring Stores – Is It Just All About The Best Deals?

Online engagement ring stores are very competitive on price but do they offer real value, customer satisfaction and support compared to your local brick and mortar jewelry stores? We think the answer is yes and here’s why…


Top of the list is choice, online jewelry stores offer a huge choice of engagement rings from affordable 14k gold cubic zirconia engagement rings to extremely rare and expensive colored diamond engagement rings.

You can sit and browse online jewelry stores all day without feeling intimidated by sales staff or embarrassed that you’ve looked at lots of rings that a jeweler has presented to you and you still haven’t bought anything.

Many good online diamond stores have “build your own engagement ring” functions that allow you to literally design your own ring on-screen and be able to control the size and style of any gemstone embellishments as well as the all important price.

Engagement Ring Stores   Is It Just All About The Best Deals?

Security & Peace Of Mind

Because all good engagement ring stores offer a “no quibbles” 30 day money back guarantee you’re less likely to get stuck with the wrong choice of engagement ring or heaven forbid if she were to say no you’d be able to return your ring and get your money back.

Most Jewelry pieces are high ticket items which involve fairly large sums of money, therefore good online engagement ring stores are very security conscious where credit card data is concerned.

On the internet reputation is everything to an online store. News of security breaches travels very fast indeed. So any online engagement stores with lapse security will be severely hit by security conscious consumers who will automatically shop elsewhere.

Also when you shop online your goods are insured right up until the minute you sign for them which means that any damaged or lost items are the responsibility of the courier/ mail delivery services.

Customer Satisfaction & Support

As previously mentioned, on the Internet reputation is everything. Online stores simply don’t survive without good reputation, customers always vote with their mouse. Bad service or poor customer service will always end in tears for online engagement ring stores.

Many engagement ring stores go beyond the call of duty to make sure the customer gets what they want, this can include making custom made engagement rings or sourcing unusual gemstones.

In fact most work that is undertaken is usually completed and shipped very promptly and confirmation emails are sent when shipping has commenced which means you usually get a tracking number to track the delivery of your purchase.

All good engagement ring stores offer toll free telephone support and the staff members who man the phones are very knowledgeable in jewelry and diamonds. You’re not usually connected to a receptionist who just diverts your calls to the right department, so your time is never wasted.

Time & Convenience

Time is very important to most people, it’s one of the reasons why they use the internet in the first place. By visiting online engagement ring stores you’re saving time by not driving/ walking around trying to evaluate the choices on offer.

It’s also very modern and convenient to have your purchases delivered to your door.

In fact many people research online and then go to their local jewelry store armed with the information to make an educated purchase.


Education is very important when buying diamonds and engagement rings. Online engagement ring stores offer a lot of educational materials in an effort to give you a wider choice through newly gained expert knowledge.

All good engagement ring stores have extensive guides and tutorials to loose diamonds and when you’re thinking of spending a large sum of money it’s only right that you should have access to this kind of information before you buy.


We did mention it earlier but it’s important to bring the subject up again because we believe that online engagement ring stores will definitely give you the best value for money.

Because online engagement ring stores have fairly low overheads compared to equivalent brick and mortar stores they can afford to pass on the savings. Also in some areas you are exempt from tax although this varies greatly from location to location.

All in all if you don’t get it cheaper online there’s something terribly wrong with the Internet!