English Bulldogs – So ugly they’re beautiful!

English Bulldogs   So ugly theyre beautiful!

Life Span: 8-10 years
Special Skills: No
Suitability with Children: Yes, excellent with children.
Suitability with Other Pets: Yes, although may have food aggression if not properly trained.
Living Conditions: Will do well in almost any living conditions, except for extreme weather environments, especially hot climates because of tendency to overheat. Despite size and stature, English Bulldogs prefer being indoor dogs.
Trainability: This is definitely not a dog that cares for obedience and training. Although extremely intelligent, English Bulldogs are known for being lazy.
Intelligence: High
Exercise Required: Low
Cost of Maintenance: Low, except in hot weather. Folds need to be cared for and powdered as they have a tendency for itchy skin.
Common Ailments: Difficulty breathing and have a tendency to snore because of short necks and snouts. Cherry eye, which can often be corrected by surgery. Also known for problems with allergies and itching.
Breed Characteristics:

Despite their grouchy and frowning appearance, English Bulldogs are incredibly happy go lucky and even goofy acting dogs. Owners who already have an English Bulldog know that they are wonderful family pets who love to be part of everything the family is doing, especially when it involves just lying around.

The average weight for an English Bulldog is 50-55 pounds, although your bull’s weight needs to be carefully monitored since many don’t really care to exercise, especially in hot weather. With this in mind it is important to provide moderate exercise at least once a day to keep him in shape.

The most common appearance for an English Bulldog is red or brindle colored with white spots and black throughout the muzzle. Those looking for a pure breed English Bulldog may find they are pricey and may even be on a waiting list for a puppy, because they are a rare breed.