Enjoy a gratifying tomatoe recipe

In my view, there are few things more gratifying than a rich tomatoe recipe straight into your plate but it is important to deal with tomatoes properly. For instance I believe it is a mistake to refrigerate tomatoes as this will compromise their flavor and gives them a farinaceous texture. So the best way is to buy only a certain amount of tomatoes, based on your needs and then store them in a bowl away from sunlight.

Relish the wonderful flavor of a tomatoe recipe.

Portuguese Stuffed Tomatoes (Tomates Recheados)

Enjoy a gratifying tomatoe recipe


4 large slightly firm tomatoes, 250g fresh cheese Portuguese style or other kind fresh white cheese, 200 g of smoked salmon, oregano to taste, lemon juice to taste, vinegar and olive oil to taste, salt and pepper to taste.


Slice the top off the tomatoes and remove the flesh, being careful not to pierce the bottom or the skin. Season the inside of the tomato with salt and pepper. Cut the smoked salmon into small strips, season with lemon juice and black pepper. Mix with fresh cheese, scooped out in small teaspoons. Toss with salt, vinegar and olive oil. Fill the tomatoes to the brim, covering with the tomato top and garnish the plate with freshly chopped parsley or mint.