Enjoy a Happy Marriage with Peridot Jewelry

Astrologers strongly believe that wearing Peridot Jewelry will bring you a long and happy marriage this lovely yellowy green gemstone is the anniversary jewel to celebrate the sixteenth year of matrimony.

Many people prenounce Peridot with the last letter T silent but both versions are in the dictionary so its a case of take your pick really.

If you were born in the month of August then Peridot is your birthstone.

This gemstone gets its colour from its basic chemical composition which is Iron and not from impurities within which is normally common with other gems.

Enjoy a Happy Marriage with Peridot Jewelry

Peridot gemstones were brought into Europe by the Crusaders in the middle ages and these were usually stored for safe keeping in cathederals throughout the continent and therefore has appeared in many different forms of jewelry related to religion.

The ancient Romans and Greeks were very fond of this jewel as was Cleopatra who it is said had a lifelong love affair with this beautiful gemstone.

Nowadays the mine at San Carlos Apache Indian Reservation in Arizona is responsible for a good volume of American Peridot.

Enjoy a Happy Marriage with Peridot Jewelry

The stone has a high refractive index and combine this with a shiny greasy appearance this jewel looks striking in the shape of Peridot Earrings on a fine looking lady.

Look after your Peridot carefully as it is prone to scratching and long may it decorate your partner throughout a long and loving marriage.