Enjoy Luxury And Healthiness Using Great Lake Hot Tubs

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Great Lake hot tubs are produced by the Great Lakes Home & Resort company. They try to be the number one resource for home resort products such as hot tubs, saunas, furniture.

Their experience with hot tubs is extensively great as they go way back (1969).

The first Great Lake hot tub was produced in 1980 but since then this line of products thrived to become one of the most luxurious and popular hot tub brands.

These hot tubs come in a number of models that try to cover all the possible needs of a family or bachelor. The capacity varies from the 3 to 9 persons (the maximum you will find on the market for this type of hot tubs).

Some of the common features of these hot tubs are: fold out drink holders, neck jets, quick drain, woodland bay color, volcano jets, antimicrobial protection, moulded head cushion and smart tub technology (a suit of different other functions specific to these great hot tubs).

Enjoy Luxury And Healthiness Using Great Lake Hot Tubs

Many types of jets are incorporated with each hot tub in order to provide you with the best experience.

They vary from simple mini jets to double rotation jets, pulsating jets and volcano jets. These jets can be controlled from the SmartTub power pad.

Also water temperature, lighting, filtration can be set through this system.

Other specific features of these great hot tubs are the quick drain which empties your hot tub fast and the Aquasound Stereo System which is designed to promote great sound experience while enjoying the tub.

Each component of these hot tubs has a warranty of minimum 2 years (up to 5).