Enjoy the great moments that happen in your life

This page is not about boyfriends, romances or crushes. It is about learning to enjoy the great moments that happen in your life. I used to be a big worry wart, I have learned to control it better as I experience things. I learn about what it important and what isn’t. Most importantly I had to learn to enjoy moments as they presented themselves. Sometimes you don’t even know it was a great moment until it has passed, but you can remember the feelings you experienced at that certain point in time.

Go ahead, think back to a great moment in your life. Maybe it was winning a competition, maybe it was having a baby, getting married or maybe it was overcoming a fear or having overcome a certain self doubt for just one moment. WOW, wasn’t that a great moment.

So it is a feeling that you loved, a feeling you would love to have again.

Happiness can come from many different places, love can too. Why not try to surround yourself with love and things you love to do.

  • Love what you do
  • Love the feelings
  • Love the tough times
  • Love the passion inside you
  • Love yourself
  • Love others
  • Love the challenges

It doesn’t make you conceded by wanting to surround yourself with great feelings. In fact I think it creates a mood that can spread to others. It might just challenge other people around you to do the same.

Enjoy the great moments that happen in your life

Challenge yourself to create more love in one aspect of your life. Maybe challenge yourself to find something good about your job, maybe overcome a challenge. Then enjoy the moment and try to take it in. Maybe your will do it more often, making it a habit. A good habit that will lead you to a happier place in your life.