Ergonomic Garden Tools – Home made out of PVC pipe

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One of the rages in all activities involving repetitive motion is ergonomically designed tools & gadgets. The reason for this is for both injury prevention as well as improved functionality.

In terms of injury, there are many repetitive motions in gardening that can contribute to such pains as carpel tunnel syndrome, tennis elbow, and knee and back injuries. A lot of gardeners are like weekend warriors where you try to fit a lot of work into a weekend and pay the price on Monday with pains in muscles you didn’t even know existed.

There are easier ways to do things such as gardening and one way is to improve the functionality and leverage of your existing tools. When you have a short handled shovel, for example, your leverage point is mostly on your own arms and back. By adding length to the handle you increase the leverage point so the strain is mostly on the tool itself, thus saving your back & arms.

Ergonomic Garden Tools   Home made out of PVC pipe

You can do this inexpensively by adding cut pieces of PVC pipe to your shorter tools already hanging around your garage or shed. The easy thing about using PVC piping is that it comes in many diameters to fit any size handle and it is very easy to cut and work with. You can also easily bend it so there are ergonomic curves to help with additional leverage while you work.

Designs: You can get creative in adding extra usefulness to your tools. Besides adding straight pieces of PVC piping, or bending the PVC pipe, you can add other designs. Some other designs include attaching D and T handles onto straight tool shafts to help in twisting or digging motions. You can also do something as simple as adding bike grips or tape for easier handling or more cushion to reduce the chance for slipping or sores.

The functionality goal of altering any tool is to help keep your hand, arms, and back in a more neutral position when working so there is less strain and the tool can be used in a smoother gliding motion. The result… Less strain and more work accomplished.

Purchasing: When you are purchasing PVC pipe to make your tools longer, it is helpful to have the shorter tool with you. In this way you can actually slide its handle into the end of the PVC pipe to make sure the diameter you are choosing is correct for the tools handle. The closer the fit the better and it may work out where you can just shove it in and the friction will hold the tools handle snug. If there is a little play in the fit, you can glue or tape the handle into place for a tight working grip.