Europe Must-See Places

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A continent of beautiful, diverse landscape with rich history and culture, Europe offers visitors great historical sights, artistic satisfaction, beautiful scenery and delicious cuisine. Visitors to Europe are spoiled for choice. However, we pick out some great places which we believe you should not miss while in Europe!

Places in Europe which you must visit, maybe not first visit but second

Czech Republic

Frankfurt – Romerburg,

Cologne – Cologne Cathedral

Rome - Colosseum, The Fontana Di Trevi (Trevi Fountain),

Vatican City – Vatican Museums.

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Amsterdam – The houseboats, Anne Frank house, the windmills outside Amsterdam

Madrid – Palacio Real

Barcelona – Sagrada Familia


Tower of London, witness of past historical events,  home to monarch and famous ghost, the Tower of London is an intriguing place to visit.

Lake District – Lakes, Lakes and more lakes but they are so serene and peaceful. Lake District is a great place for anyone who is keen on taking a break from the hustle and bustle of daily life to experience the true beauty of nature.  It’s simply a serene experience.