Ever Thought Of Building A Concrete Home?

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Concrete home? “Are you nuts?” you might ask.

How many of us have seen a such a house? Believe it or not, today you might actually see one and not realize what it is.

Gone are the days of a grey slab block building. I had the wonderful pleasure to tour a home made entirely of concrete. With soaring ceilings, curved walls, sky-way style curved stairs and a sky-walk completed the interior along with stamped concrete floors which had the appearance of slate, and polished concrete counters (you would never have thought the counter top wasn’t granite).

Granted the builder/designer of this home was exceptional – especially to pull this off 15 years ago. You heard me correctly. This home was built 15 years ago in a top of the line neighborhood. This is one of the more spectacular homes in appearance and although it backs onto a busy street below – there is absolutely no noise inside the home.

The family has experienced an enjoyable side benefit – reduced heating and cooling costs.

In these times of economic sky-rocketing energy costs, such homes are becoming very desirable and to own one is very chic.

In an area where wild fires are a hazard? A concrete house may be the answer. If nothing else – consider changing your existing vinyl siding to hardi-plank or a similar product made of concrete fiber. It’s durable, looks fabulous and lasts much longer, not to mention its other qualities and benefits.

Ever Thought Of Building A Concrete Home?

What about concrete roof tiles or metal instead of asphalt shingle. Again each has it’s own benefits.

So, just because your favorite home plan didn’t involve the thought of going green or concrete – know that it’s a very durable (lasts longer than conventional stick built), energy saving and eco-friendly alternative.

If you have a concrete home – share your experiences with us and drop us a line.