Everest Home Edition System Diagnostics

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Everest Home Edition is a great system information, benchmarking, and system diagnostics program and it’s free for home users.

This program grew from a freeware program called Aida32. Sadly, Aida32 is no longer in development, but you may still be able to find the last free version if you search for it.

But, unless you want the network reporting features, you don’t really need Aida32. Everest Home Edition provides just about any information about your computer that you may need to help you maintain it.

Find information about your computer, such as what hardware is in it, what software is installed, serial numbers of your hardware and software, and driver information.

You can see the speed of your CPU and memory, find out what expansion slots have cards in them, and geeky stuff like CAS and RAS.

Get info about your CPU, memory, video card, temperatures inside the case, etc. This is a great program for gathering system information about your computer.

Everest Home Edition System Diagnostics

The report window has clickable links that take you to the hardware manufacturers homepage or links for driver downloads. Cool feature.

Currently the program only benchmarks memory reads and writes, but they promise more in 2005.

All in all, this is a great program to gather information about your computer.

When you get to their download page, you have two choices: an executable file that installs Everest Home Edition on your computer or a zip package that you can just unzip and run from the folder you unzipped it into.

If you won’t be using the program on a regular basis, you may just want to get the zipped version and run it from a folder when you need to use it. I think it’s great that they give us the option.