Everything About Pet Memorials

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Pet Memorials are a great way to remember your pet long after they are gone. Losing your pet is one of the saddest things you will ever have to face. Whether you had one year or ten years together, you and your pet had a special bond that should be remembered and celebrated.

Cassie was the last in a long line of pets which we had the honour to know and the heartbreak of losing. She was the world’s best dog. And I can safely say that in the knowledge that you think exactly the same of your lovely pet – and will understand exactly what I mean!

We now have two little girls, Lucky, a rescue Jack Russell cross (with who knows what!) as also shown in the above picture, and Holly, a young, daft-as-a-brush Scottie.

Lucky, just a youngster when we took this picture, is now twelve and a half years old. Her breed lives to an average of 12 – 14 years, and whilst she is still an active, happy, aggressive old lady – we know she will soon be gone too – just one of the inevitable sorrows of pet ownership.

We know the emptiness which comes with the loss of a beloved pet and we know that part of the easing of that emptiness is to take as much care of our loved ones when they are gone as when they were with us. This is where pet memorials come into their own.

Pet memorials can take many different forms and you can choose to remember your pet in many different ways. Please don’t feel compelled to buy expensive pet memorials – a simple shoe box nicely decorated, will make a loving final resting place for a child’s favourite bunny. You may also want to do something as simple and as meaningful as write a pet memorial poem or plant a tree in memory of your pet.

You may want to bury your pet or their remains in their favorite place in the yard or garden. Pet memorials garden stones make a nice marker for the spot, or you may want to try one of the many granite pet memorials that are available to you. Pet memorial markers and pet memorial stones are a nice reminder of your lovely pet’s resting place and they don’t have to be expensive.

Everything About Pet Memorials

You may also want to consider a place in a pet cemetery for your friend’s final resting place and once again, marking the place with a pet memorial stone or one of the beautiful bronze pet memorials will be a great way to tell the world about your pet. You can include details such as your pet’s name, age and a short verse which speaks of what your pet meant to you.

You may want to scatter your pet’s ashes in their favorite “hang-out”, but little keepsake urns will be a good idea to keep just a small amount of your pet’s remains in so that you have something tangible to keep. Keepsake Urns are fairly inexpensive, so make ideal remembrance gifts to give to family who shared in the love and life of your beloved pet.

Cremated remains (or cremains, as they are also known) can be displayed in decorative pet memorial urns or a simple tin with pictures of you and your pet nearby. You can take pet cremation urns anywhere with you and you always have a reminder of your pet nearby. I have a friend who has her beloved cat’s cremated remains in a beautiful feline urn by the side of her favorite arm chair. She gently strokes the urn goodnight just before she goes to bed, just like she did with her cat when he was there.

Pet urns come in many different types. An urn for pet ashes can be as simple and as inexpensive as you want or as elaborate and as expensive as you want. Because we know how important this is to you, we have pulled out all the stops and sourced an excellent range for you. We’ve given you as wide a range of prices as possible, whilst ensuring the prices are some of the best available across the board.

When looking for a pet urn, you will come across wood pet urns, metallic pet urns, oak pet urns and also pet urn necklaces. We have a great range for you to browse through.

There are many other ways to remember your pet, too. You can plant a tree or special garden in memory of your pet. You could sponsor a seat in your local park so other dog lovers can sit and rest on a seat which is in memory of your lovely pet. Display a plaque engraved with your pet’s name, date of birth or adoption, and any other information you would like to include. Plaques and grave markers can hold a picture of your pet, so be sure you have some good ones to choose from!

There are also other ways in which you can remember your pet. If you have the money available, you may want to start a special fund in memory of your pet. Perhaps the money could support animals at your local shelter, or help pet owners who cannot afford veterinary bills. Ask friends and family to contribute to the fund to help keep the memory of your beloved pet alive.

If you don’t have the money available to make an ongoing fund available, consider a one-time donation to a local shelter — like the shelter where you first met your special friend. Money and supplies are always welcome donations, but it may be a good idea to call ahead and ask what the shelter may specifically need.