Everything You Need To Know About Self Evaluations

Self evaluations are useful to gage success in one’s life. According to the dictionary, this is defined as “the way a person views him/herself. “It is the continuous process of determining personal growth and progress”. It is also an excellent tool to measure strengths and weaknesses both in our personal and professional life.

Self evaluations! How objective are you about who you are? What is the mental perception you have of yourself? How do you think others see you? How do you evaluate yourself in the work place, among friends and families? Well, well, well, how did you score?

We are always evaluating or judging not only ourselves but others. We do this to see if we are measuring-up to society’s standards and to evaluate those with whom we come in contact to determine acceptance or rejection. If we can identify with someone else’s values, belief, self concepts and esteem, then it becomes easier to associate with them.

Who among us would give him/herself a failing grade?

We all live our lives on different levels according to the guidelines we set for ourselves. Our values and beliefs have much bearing on our childhood and growing-up experiences. All these result in high or low self concept and self-esteem.

We set goals for ourselves and persistently work to achieve them. We are constantly striving to do well in school, in the workplace, amongst friends and in the home in order to have self enhancement, get acceptance by our peers and others around us.

Everything You Need To Know About Self Evaluations

We are able to evaluate and judge our progress by how well we care for ourselves and family. The type of job we have, house we live in, car we drive, type of friends we keep and how our behaviours affect those around us. We like to describe ourselves according to class structures which is either low, middle or high class.

How are you evaluated in the workplace?

In the work place, for instance, self evaluation may be more structured and easier to determine as management already has a system in place by which workers follow. In terms of customer service, remote monitoring, regular coaching sessions, self study and regular training are set up for each individual in an organized way to provide guidance and consistency on the job.

The worker’s score-board is rolled out periodically and that worker has the opportunity to set specific goals that help him/her improve. In many cases there are incentives associated with goals. In this way, the worker is forced to measure-up or face termination if improvement is not made through a series of further coaching sessions with his or her superior.

Moving to a higher department at work or getting a decent raise in pay or bonus usually has a direct bearing on how well the worker performs according to the criteria set by management. Each worker knows how he is progressing at any given time.

In order to evaluate oneself effectively outside the workplace or establishment, a very honest approach to self has to be taken. The result of the evaluation would quite likely base on one’s attitudes, beliefs, value systems and how these are aligned to society’s norms and expectations.

Who are you? You are exactly that person you think you are when you are all alone with your thoughts focusing on your feelings and self-worth, your accomplishments and your motivation to achieve a higher standard of living. You have already told yourself which class structure you belong.

What are your thoughts on your self evaluations, self concept, self esteem, self expectations, and motivation level? Do you have a positive attitude towards yourself? Are you making a worthwhile contribution towards your family, friends and those with whom you come in contact on a daily basis?


What is the result of your self evaluations?

Is your success at work a carry-over to the success in your private life? Success here would mean the goals you have accomplished for yourself and continue to accomplish, regardless of how big or small they are.

If your answer to the above is yes, then you have high self esteem, high self concept, motivation and see life in a positive light. You are focused. In other words, the same formula that helps you to succeed at work is helping to influence personal decisions and behaviours in all aspects of your life.

If you are not happy with the results after carefully evaluating yourself, you can take steps to raise your level of awareness about you. Perhaps, start by incorporating some of the principles and guidelines used in your workplace.

Talking to a trusted co-worker or a professional can also give you useful ideas to improve.