Everything You Need To Know About Skateboard Wheels And Sizes

You need these to make contact with the ground. If you think about it, wheels actually do all of the actions with the ground that let you do tricks (unless you like freestyle land tricks). Most come in sizes from 48 mm to about 60 mm.

So the question always comes up. Why are there different sizes? I don’t care too much about any certain size, because I usually just grab whatever looks cool. They all end up getting smaller from skating them anyways.

But we can apply some physics here. I will spare you the equations though. Basically a larger wheel takes more energy to begin turning. So it’s faster to accelerate with the smaller one. BUT. It’s easier to maintain your momentum with the larger set. So I would want a larger set for skate parks where you can’t push as often and the ramps build speed for you. And if you’re street skating use smaller ones. You often don’t have a lot of space to build speed in street skating and you need to get speed quicker.

I don’t have too many guidelines when shopping for new ones. I stay away from no brand no name product. These don’t help the skateboarding industry at all. By buying these you are helping people who want to make money and don’t care about skating as a whole.

Another thing I will stay away from are weird colors, shapes, etc. What I mean by weird are ones that have two pieces put together, or are hollowed out. These always seem to have problems. They must not be tested right or I skate them for too long. The split colored ones always fall apart on me.

Everything You Need To Know About Skateboard Wheels And Sizes

Everything You Need To Know About Skateboard Wheels And Sizes

Mostly, get what you think looks cool. Get some brand names and stay away from weirdos. They will all get worn out eventually. Unfortunately, it’s almost always sooner than you would expect too. They get flat spots and get warped too. Just enjoy them while they last and don’t worry if you are the kid with the weird old wheels that barely turn. As long as you are having fun and your board gets you where you need to go, it’s all good with skateboarding.