Everything you need to know about using free CGI proxy

Introduction to free cgi proxy
So I am thinking of start using free cgi proxy but first want you to tell me more about it. Well, CGI proxy is a web program that nowadays can be found on thousands of websites. These websites acts then as an http or ftp proxy. With other words you use this webpage’s to get undercover. All right I understand that this is a kind of undercover tool but how can it help me actually? Well, when you surf through a cgi proxy, you are able to access any website using the server of a different website.

Let me give you an example: Some organizations may block websites like www.some-forbidden-page.com with their firewall software. But if you try to access this page through a CGI proxy website you will get around this barrier. So to sum up you can start using a CGI proxy to anonymously access websites that may be restricted by computers you are sitting on.

Why start using free cgi proxy?
Alright, now I now what a cgi proxy is but beside avoid an organisations firewall restrictions is there any more benefits from a cgi proxy? One of the biggest benefits is possibility to protect your privacy while spending time online. The cgi proxy protects you by hiding your real IP-address. When you surf through a cgi proxy server you avoid infections from spyware, malware, hackers and other type of danger trying to steal your identity.

Everything you need to know about using free CGI proxy

Hmm, are there any negative things when using a cgi proxy? Yes, the only negative thing is that websites you visit may load little slower, but this is nothing comparing to benefits you get from start using cgi proxy.

How to use and find cgi proxy
You can find many of websites by searching for “start using cgi proxy” on Google or Yahoo. These websites provides usually cgi proxy services for free. Usually you just type in the address you want to go to and that’s it. Some websites will put a frame (little window) at the top or bottom of the browser with links or ads.

Where can I find cgi proxy
You can find proxyes on many pages on the net. The free proxyes are usually called transparent or anonymous proxyes.

The tricky thing with these is that the may not work always. Of course these can be fixed but may cost little money. Proxyes that cost money are usually called elite proxyes. Elite proxyes can hardly or cannot at all be seen by websites as proxyes.

Other alternatives that you can take a look at are proxy software’s like JAP, AOL or CompuServe. AOL is a browser that have integrated proxy server which always works. JAP creates instead a proxy server on your computer but anonymity is lower then AOL browser software.

Features of cgi proxy?
Cgi proxy can be easily configured and has many options. For example it is possible for you to set it only to show text, images or to have SSL support. Of course there are plenty of other settings but this requires a bit of knowledge and usually it’s the server administrators who experiments with more advanced settings.

Cgi proxy can be used with all browsers. Other type of proxyes may need browser to support them, but cgi proxy does the entire job by it self. The only thing a browser actually needs to do is to get you to the page you want to visit. Enabling cache will also loading a website much faster when you visit it again.

I am now going to start using free cgi proxy for online surfing. This is a smart way to avoid hackers and other people that want to steal your personal information. Well, what are you waiting for? Lets start using free cgi proxy NOW!