Everything You Wanted to Know About Red Hat Linux Training and Your Linux Certification

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Red Hat Linux Training has been an ongoing training program at CyberTex School in Austin, Texas. Many students from the surrounding cities have successfully completed their long desired Red Hat certifications with us.

It has to be for a powerful reason why so many come here to get the intensive lab training. Since its inception in January 1999, the Red Hat Certification exam has been delivered to thousands of persons not only in Austin, TX but also around the world.

It is the type of training that determines success. Success happens only just after you past the exam which is your main goal or objective to come here.

But success to our students is an ongoing practice. Once they finish the intensive hands-on Red Hat Linux training at this school they are able to take over any interview and any job related to the Red Hat Linux field.

Red Hat Linux Certifications

Currently the Red Hat Linux offers 2 levels of Red Hat Certifications for professionals working on Red Hat Systems, namely RHCE or Red Hat Certified Engineer and RHCT or Red Hat Certified Technician.

The Red Hat Certified Engineer certification is a higher level of Linux certification as compared to RHCT and is also among the top 3 fastest growing Linux Information System certifications as predicted by CertMag.com.

The Red Hat Certified Engineer certification provides the experience required to managing Red Hat or UNIX servers, including network services to these systems.

Everything You Wanted to Know About Red Hat Linux Training and Your Linux Certification

The Red Hat Certified Technician certification accomplish the equivalent experience of attaching new Red Hat systems to a corporate network and to configure Windows Systems.

It also includes to perform essential Red Hat Linux system administration. In addition, to configure basic host security, set up client-side networking services required to attach to a production network, and carry out basic diagnostics.

What to Expect from Linux Red Hat Certification

One important part of Linux Red Hat Certification is that it is determined by a performance based test. What is it?
This a 2.5 hour lab test in which you are asked to do some Linux configuration and debugging tasks. It is done on live equipment in a networked training lab to make the system perform in a specified way.

How You Will Overcome it?
At CyberTex IT School, you will have the opportunity to work a lot hands-on practice on your Linux training to fulfill and accomplish the needed experience to perform these task successfully. We assure you will pass that test!

To Approve and Pass the Exam or Not?
According to Red Hat, out of those who do not pass, over 75% score high (85 or higher) on the multiple choice test component, proving that one can be very successful at multiple choice questions…but yet still have trouble actually “executing essential systems administration tasks for server setup and/or debug and troubleshooting”.

Intensive Practice Lab Is the Clue!
Therefore, just attaining the theoretical knowledge may not be sufficient for clearing this exam. You should have experience of at least 1 year doing troubleshooting and configuration related activities before you appear for this Red Hat Certification exam.

I Have to Wait For One Year to Gain the Experience?
Well, that is if you want! But with a lot of hands-on Red Hat Linux training and lot of Red Hat Linux lab practice that we provide at CyberTex School we are sure you will accomplish your goal in shorter time.

And…If you can handle the finger pain of the intensive lab practice on computers, that year may become a hotty juicy burger or a peace of cake you can easily swallow!

Red Hat Linux Training with Intensive Lab Practice

Worried about the examination?
Many people get scare at this! But with the intensive and adequate hands-on training and a lot of lab work that we provide at CyberTex laboratories, you surely will overcome these difficulties on a snap.

Red Hat also offers various level of courses on the Red Hat Linux system. If you are new with Linux Operating System, you should take the basic level of courses.

After these courses, get some experience working on Red Hat Systems and then appear for Red Hat Certification exam.

If you are experienced with the Linux system but not feeling comfortable with the exam, you have an option of taking a Red Hat Linux rapid training track 4 day course and then take the certification exam.