Example Objective Statement Resume

Yes, example objective statement resume sounds a little awkward, but that’s most likely the term your searched for to get to this page…

However, people are always searching for an example of an objective statement for their resume.

They are looking for just the right wording to capture the imagination of the hiring manager reading their resume.

The fact of the matter is, I can save you a bunch of time and trouble. Creating a great resume objective statement is the easiest part of crafting a strong resume.

Example Objective Statement Resume

Example Resume Objective Statement

When creating your resume objective statement, you want to keep one very important thing in mind – your reader.

Don’t write something that will make you feel good, write something that will make the hiring manager reading your resume feel good.

What makes your reader feel good? In short, by knowing that they have a solid candidate for the exact job they are trying to fill.

Most people write objective statements that say things like, “I am looking for a challenging position that will utilize my skills and abilities in a way that will be mutually beneficial”.

Blahhhh… This really means nothing and is a waste of space. If your reader is looking for a “Mechanical Engineer”, the best objective statement will give him exactly what he is looking for:

Your objective statement should read exactly like this:

Employment Objective: Mechanical Engineer

It should be that short and sweet. The hiring manager will know immediately that this resume is somebody “in the ballpark” and he can immediately put this resume in the stack that will get a full reading and not dumped in the “circular file”.