Exclusivity in a word. That’s what leather luggage allows you to experience

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Leather luggage allows the afficianados amongst us to get some of the greatest pleasure from a product. So much leather to polish and appreciate!

Before plastics and man made materials were around leather was the material used for the majority of luggage. Its hardwearing capabilities were what made it the material of choice.

I am sure we can all remember those small brown/tan boxy leather suitcases with the reinforced corners which always sat on top of the wardrobe waiting for next years holidays. Well that used to be the norm.

However with the progress in the manufacture of man made materials leather is not an everyday material of choice as it can’t compete on cost. This has moved it upmarket.

In all the areas where man made materials now provide products there is a leather luggage equivelant – it will be more expensive – but it will also be more exclusive.

Exclusivity in a word. Thats what leather luggage allows you to experience

It will allow you to spoil yourself and feel good about it because leather luggage is about self indulgence!

Could I tempt you with any of these?

  • Wheeled travelers
  • Wheeled duffles – holdalls in the UK
  • Wheeled carry ons
  • Garment bags – suit carriers in the UK
  • Overnighters and flight bags