Exercise Motivation

When you find the sport you love motivation comes by itself!

If you need exercise motivation you probably haven’t found the fabulous right exercise for you yet. Like Stella’s friend Tove, who didn’t really exercise until at 45 she got a kick on running. And I’m sure there is a kind of exercise that suits you, too, and makes you jump out of bed six in the morning because you’re so much looking forward to your training session!

We’re all different, but we also have something in common: Our bodies are made for movement and we won’t last long doing something we hate. Take that into account when looking for exercise motivation.

What’s your exercise personality?

One good starting point can be to look at your natal birth chart. The planets, their sign placement and aspects can give you a good idea about your exercise personality.

  • Are you a fast and speedy type?
  • Do you love action?
  • Are you introvert or extrovert?
  • Are you patient?
  • Do you have a strong endurance?I love running, and I started running with a friend, who has a strong Aries and Gemini influence in her chart. She likes to run fast and short and works on improving her 5K, while I, with a strong 6th house Saturn and loads of Virgo in my chart, might be slower, especially in the start, but lasting longer.Next, make a list of why you don’t exercise today. And be honest!
  • Is lack of time the problem?
  • Do you hate the gym, the the sweat-stinking air, the noise and all the people. get outdoors in nature!
  • Do you hate getting sweaty? Lennox hates to sweat, so she started swimming!

Exercise Motivation

What did you love as a child?

Now, make a list of the exercise you loved doing as a child.

  • Did you do ballet classes and dreamed of becoming a prima ballerina?
  • Were you climbing trees with the boys?
  • Did you play ball?
  • What was your favourite in the gym lessons?
  • Maybe you wasn’t out playing, running and exercising when you were young, but sat at home indulged in a book, dreaming…Hey, you should do yoga or something else that has a meditative side to it!
  • Or maybe you’ve always loved animals? Then riding or training a dog might be something for you.


Remember how much fun you had? That’s how fun it should be today, too! Exercise should bring out your inner playful, happy child – so find a sport that put a big smile on your face! You won’t need anyone to push you or to motivate you – motivation comes by itself.

Just remember to think broader than “I got to go to the gym”. Exercise is anything from walking/running/bicycling/skiing to work (yes, I grew up in Norway where sometimes you actually ski to work), running up the stairs, gardening, hunting and bird watching to club dancing, playing Frisbee with your kids, Brazilian martial arts and mountain hiking. There’s guaranteed something you’ll find fabulous and then you need no more exercise motivation!