Exercise Profile – Abdominal Exercise For Beginners

Working your abdominals is more important than you think. These muscles are layered and as you may know are difficult to exercise not only because they require the types of exercise that are for some inaccessible but also because the muscles themselves are commonly misunderstood.

Working your abdominals does not equate to getting rid of the fat around your tummy – it doesn’t work like that. But it will mean that you’ll be strengthening your core, training these muscles to do what they’re supposed to do and in the process expending calories. When your fat levels do come down, you’ll be left with a defined torso and increased core strength.

Exercise Profile   Abdominal Exercise For Beginners

The exercise I am going to talk about today is very simple (but not necessarily easy), and is designed for beginners or those who cannot for any reason get down on the ground.

Step 1: The exercise involves standing with your back to the wall, your shoulder blades and bottom touching, but your heels should be about 5 or so centimeters from the wall (so that you’re standing straight against the wall) . Turn your palms to the wall also and rest your head against it.

Step 2: Concentrate on your shoulder blades, and feel how your chest is open. Let your breathing flow.

Step 3: Then slowly turn your attention to your belly button. When you’re ready to breathe in, breathe in through your nose, so that your chest rises and then breathe out through your mouth and at the same time pull your belly button towards your spine. Hold your belly button here after you’ve fully exhaled and keep breathing. Then release and relax. Repeat step 3 for a count of 10. Have a short break (about a minute and a half) and then repeat 3 times.

If you’re a beginner, you will feel your abdominals working after that!