Explore wide range of possible French lessons online and offline

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You are looking for French lessons, a gateway to French cultural exchange, to broadening business horizons and to a great sense of achievement, of fulfilment.

At the end of the day, you want to be able to USE your new French language skill. Otherwise, why bother?

Beware tricksters who claim you ANY French lessons will teach you French in a few hours

But there is good news: there are great new break-throughs in French learning methods. Above all, you need to chose the kind of French lessons that suit YOU best.

Find a good French tutor – probably the best approach

Ask around, select a highly recommended tutor and hey presto, you are on the way to learning French. Perhaps, this is the ideal approach. But it is not easy to find such a tutor; nor to fit in those French lessons with your busy modern schedule. Ideally, choose one-to-one tuition: expensive but worth it.

French Lessons on CD

To-day, the great innovation is you can learn French from CDs. Interactivity has transformed language learning.

What a choice! It is handy to classify French courses as of European or American origin. I find a huge difference in approaches and recommend you favour the educational approach you are familiar with.

AURALOG is EU flag ship French language course

Auralog The TeLL Me More™ offers truly PERSONALIZED French lessons on your computer. You can adapt those to your own objectives and level . Search for it at local Colleges, Libraries or if that fails, you should be able to buy it for little enough at Amazon.co.uk (rather than Amazon.com, which is the American store).

Explore wide range of possible French lessons online and offline

Word of warning: some who have NEVER learned French, may find the approach a little daunting.

Auralog is ideal if you have already SOME school French.

Ideal also, if you can work with a teacher.

If your local College /Library haven’t it, better try Amazon.co.uk (rather than Amazon.com): it seems this language course is sold mainly in the EU and may not be easily found outside it.

America offers a wide range of terrific French lessons on CD. Take a look!

Rosetta Stone French Course

One of the first, and really successful technology driven software to emerge was Rosetta Stone French Course. This award-winning American programme has been used by 1,000s of schools, by NASA, the US State Department and the Peace Corps. It is a big favourite in US. It has worked for millions.

PowerGlide French lessons are a more recent offering. I found their approach a little ‘lighter’ but equally effective. PowerGlide French lessons cover spoken French as well as reading and writing.

My favourite among the American devised courses has to Pimsleur.

Two reservations however ( if, indeed, they are reservations)

  • the price (hefty, I thought)
  • the fact that Pimsleur aims at SPOKEN fluency rather than written. You may just want to SPEAK French. If so, Pimsleur has to be your choice.

Be warned though:
many such French courses on CD, though excellent, are expensive.

Try Ebay – you might find a set of second hand CDs. Or, of course, search your local Library: they might even consider buying a set just for you, if you’re lucky!

It is certainly worth a try.

Above all, chose your French lessons CAREFULLY – it’s an investment!