Extend the Trend, to keep your home looking fresh

Extend the Trend

If you’ve looked in any decorating magazine lately you’ve probably seen some great examples of eclectic interiors and artful blending. This can be both good and bad for average consumers.

Bad because it takes a little more effort. Before, you could go to a store, pick out a Dining Room set and come home. Easy! You’d put your feet up and wait for your beautiful room…

Now, matched sets are not so hot…designers are mixing styles, colors, periods, textures, etc. What might look random to you is actually a carefully edited and coordinated combination of decorating styles.

It takes a some skill!

Before you get frustrated…here’s the good news. This “Extend the Trend” blending actually allows your decorating to look current and updated, for a longer period of time!

Instead of your room being caught in one, solitary “scheme”…it has a variety of styles that you can tweak intermittently over time.

These types of rooms look rich and sophisticated, because of their stylistic and textural differences. Sometimes it’s hard to appreciate aspects of a style when surrounded by sameness!

Extend the Trend, to keep your home looking fresh

Here are some examples:

Notice in the left photograph how traditional style chairs are mixed with a sofa that has a modern silhouette? In the right photograph they’ve installed a warm, rustic island in a crip, modern kitchen.

These juxtapositions allow you to really see and value each style…highlighting their attributes.

Mixing styles like these might seem strange to you at first, because our eyes have been so trained to see “matching” as GOOD. But, try and keep your mind and your eyes open…see if you see can spot good examples of eclecticism.

Your home will take on an elegant, collected-over-time appeal that will be beautiful, unique and timeless!