Fabric roman shades will make that awkward window look great

Several reasons why you would fit a custom roman shade ?

The best idea for that tricky window is fabric roman shades. Why’s that I hear you ask, well since you asked so nicely I’ll tell you. You get the best of both worlds, get to have your cake and eat it. So what exactly do I mean by that !

Well firstly you get a very practical solution for a troublesome window. The kind where you have a large bulky radiator underneath or a large piece of furniture that sits under your window because there is no other place in the room to put it.

Another reason you would fit a fabric roman shade would be if you have little or no room on either or both sides of your window. This would create the problem of curtains hanging over the window too much and blocking far to much light to be practical. You could use a pair of tie backs to pull some of the curtain off the window. This often still is not enough.

Fabric roman shades will make that awkward window look great

A victorian window treatments solution

If you were looking for a Victorian window treatments solution. Then I have fitted custom roman shades to windows in Victorian homes many times. The reason being that many Victorian windows have decorative wooden architraving around the window frames. It seems criminal to cover it up sometimes, so I have fitted made to measure roman shades that fit just inside the decorative trim. This means that whether the shade is up or down you can always see the decorative trim. It’s almost like a frame around a piece of art (especially with the right kind of fabric).

So designer window treatments and inexpensive window treatments ?

This kind of window treatment will cost you more than a cheap ready made curtain. So be prepared to spend a bit more than you might of planned. Having said that it does not have to cost a small fortune either.

Picking a designer curtain fabric on a budget

The great thing about these fabric roman shades is that they don’t take a lot of drapery fabric to make. Also if you buy in the right place rather than your local designer fabric stores. You can get it for a fraction of the regular retails price designer window treatments ideas for interesting window treatments Victorian window treatments designer window treatments modern window treatments double roman shades ambria roman shades.