Faith Flight 124

Attention passengers, we are now boarding the Purpose, Faith Flight 124. Our destination is…

Overflow – land of milk and honey No bags are necessary, as this is an all-inclusive trip. Jesus, CEO of KBA (Kingdom Building Airlines), its founder Elohim, has already paid everything you need in full. One friend is permitted to accompany you, which is Patience. I am your stewardess Destiny and our pilot is the Holy Ghost. This flight will arrive in God’s timing! At this time, prepare for take off. During Faith Flight 124, you may experience a little turbulence; we expect there to be some interference from the ruler of darkness. However, do not fear, you have the following guides for your benefit:

Power, Love & A Sound Mind & To Tread upon Serpents and Scorpions

At all times unless otherwise notified, we require that you remain in your seat, strapped in with the finest seatbelt system. We ask that you buckle around your waist the belt of truth and across your chest the breastplate of righteousness. In case of extreme aforementioned turbulence; please keep your feet firmly planted with the gospel of peace.

In addition, if attacked by fiery darts, press the button above your head to release the shield of faith and extinguish any flames. Be sure to protect yourself with the helmet of salvation that you may breathe freely. Moreover, if hijacked the sword of the Spirit is available to defeat the enemy. Be alert at that time we will only speak in our coded language that you received from the Holy Ghost!

Our featured movie is The Gift of Faith, however, also available for your viewing are:

 Faith Flight 124

  • Words of Wisdom
  • Words of Knowledge
  • Laying on of Hands
  • Miracles Performed
  • Discerning of Spirits
  • Speaking in Tongues
  • Interpretation of Tongues

On today’s menu, we have the following:

Love                house salad, everyone can partake of this salad unless
you have heart problems

Joy                  rejuvenating energy drink, which gives you strength

Peace              natural herb tablet, for those experiencing upset stomach
or nervousness due to uncertainty of flight direction

Longsuffering   appetiser until the main course

Gentleness       a supreme delicacy, for those who dare to go beyond
what is common

Goodness         healthy vegetables freshly grown straight from the garden

Faith                served with our special mustard seed sauce

Meekness         dessert, even if dieting you won’t be able to resist

Temperance     non-alcoholic, non-toxic fruit drink to increase your

If you have any questions or need assistance please remain in your seat and raise your hand until one of my assistants is able to serve you. They are Apostle, Prophet, Evangelist, Teacher, and Pastor. In addition, our pilot, Holy Ghost, has an open door policy you can ask him directly. Elohim (who we affectionately call God), Jesus and Holy Ghost are always in constant contact so you can trust that if you follow the manual (Holy Word) all your questions will be answered and all your needs will be met. In the event during our praise party, hosted by Mercy and Grace, it becomes too loud, there is a Secret Closet for private worship, which you are welcome to visit.

Thank you for flying aboard the Purpose, Faith Flight 124 and enjoy.