Fall Leaves Make Some of the Richest Compost – Black Gold!

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Why does the fall season make the best time to make compost?

It’s in the fall leaves – Nature’s Perfect Process!
And boy, do I ever have a lot of them. But that’s a good problem to have. My husband would disagree with me on that one, for sure!!

But Dear…. they’re full of carbon – Nature’s Golden Ingredient!

Did you know that carbon is the most abundant element in organic matter and one of the most essential ingredient in creating healthy soil.

Think about it, all summer long, roots of trees are working hard pulling wonderful nutrients and minerals from the soil and storing them in the leaves. Yep, that’s why leaves are chuck full of important minerals and trace elements – nitrogen, potassium and phosphorus.

Besides fall leaves, you’ll find other carbon-rich materials in your garden. Look for waste-material that are brown in colour such as sawdust, straw and dried grass clippings. Even your newspaper and brown paper bags that pile up in the garage.

One thing that you need to remember is that healthy compost requires a proper balance of carbon, nitrogen, moisture and air. So along with your browns, look for nitrogen-rich material that are green in color. Fresh grass clippings and kitchen scraps; even throw in old plants, as long as, they are pest and disease free.

Fall Leaves Make Some of the Richest Compost   Black Gold!

Yep, there’s “gold” in your backyard and in your kitchen!

As far as the kitchen scraps, I use a compost bucket that is attractive and is conveniently placed so that everyone will remember to toss their corn cob, melon rinds, etc. Look for a bucket that has a removable liner. This will make it easy to carry your scraps out to the composter, plus it will be easy to clean. Most are dishwasher save. Nice!!!

Investing in a few great tools will make your gardening chores “A LOT” easier, which will give you more time to relax and enjoy your backyard garden oasis. Here are a few suggestion. A leaf-blower or how about this gadget the vacuum leaf shredder.

For those who already have a leaf-blower, then the deluxe leaf shredder will make fall clean-up a cinch. These great tools makes wrangling-up those leaves a breeze. Plus, the shredder will make mince meat out of those fall leaves which will speed up the decomposing period. That means, you get to take advantage of all the benefits of having wonderful compost sooner.
One other great tool, which is a definitely a big investment but well worth every penny… is a composer. If you try composting all your leaves by the traditionally method – putting them in a pile; it’s going to take a very long, long time before they decompose.

Trust me, that pile of leaves will still be a pile of leaves come spring.
Yep, been there…. done that!

Out of all the composters that are available, I can truly recommend the ComposTumbler
This company really knows how to engineer their composters. You get perfect compost in just 14 days!

Not only is it quick to make compost but their easy to use.

No more stooping down-low or pulling your shoulder out of place trying to turn the darn thing. Nice and easy!!

The ComposTumbler comes in 3 different sizes to better suit your garden size and need.

You also receive a BONUS! Compost Tea! Each “Original” ComposTumbler and the “Compact” ComposTumbler will produce Compost Tea!

Compost Tea is a powerful packed concentrated energy drink for your garden! It’s absolutely the best liquid fertilizer and it comes FREE as decomposition happens inside the composter. This bonus, unfortunately, is not available with the Back Porch ComposTumbler model.

Keep in mind that the small Back Porch ComposTumbler will take longer, about 4-6 weeks before you have finished compost and does not have the compost tea feature. However, this model still makes an excellent choice for your small urban yard.