Family Fun Ideas

WWE Wrestling

If you’re a WWE fan, I highly recommend you get WWE tickets and go to a LIVE event! I’ve been to two live events and I can’t wait to go again! Not all of the events are shown on TV but I only get tickets for the televised events (Raw, Smackdown, etc.). The two times I’ve gone, I didn’t have the greatest seats (they were really high up) but it was still a lot of fun! It was really fun to hear people cheer or boo or start a chant. It was really loud! My dad bought the tickets and surprised me with them. Even though he isn’t really a wrestling fan, he thought it would be fun for me and he ended up having a really good time too.

Concert Tickets

This is a great family fun idea. My son and daughter bought concert tickets after they heard that Green Day and Blink 182 were coming to a nearby city. It was the first concert they ever went to. They told me they had a great time and that it was really cool how everyone got in to the music and sang along. When the band would pause, the crowd would keep singing. It’s so much fun when you’re there LIVE to sing along with the crowd and see the band perform. When my son graduated, his school had a graduation party where they could win different prizes. He won two concert tickets (2nd row seats) to see REO Speedwagon, Stix, and Journey. He hadn’t heard too much of their music before going to the concert but he went and took a friend with him and they both had a great time. They said all the music was great and the seats were excellent. I think oncert tickets would be a special gift idea or a great surprise and something they’d never forget.

Christmas Family Traditions

To start our Christmas tradition, on Christmas eve we we all hop in the car for a ride around town to see all the Christmas lights.  We turn on some  Christmas music while we enjoy the view.  When we return home our family likes to open one present each and save the rest for Christmas morning.  I think it’s important for kids get as many gifts as possible.  I’m not talking about expensive or extreme things, maybe just one big gift and a bunch of inexpensive things like markers, cards, bubble tape, or other candies and simple things.  On Christmas morning, we all sit around the living room and one person grabs a present from under the tree and reads the name out loud, then hands it to the person.  We all watch as they open it.  Then another gift is grabbed from the tree and handed out.  We all watch again as they open it.  Then another gift, etc., etc.  Another thing we like to do, even if you have teens, is to put “from Santa” on some of the gifts for a good laugh.  We have recorded these Christmas gift openings and we all enjoy watching them over and over again and always will enjoy these lasting memories.


All kids love to draw and color! And everyone knows the best brand for all your coloring needs is Crayola. So, if you need crayons, markers, paint, paper, even silly putty, you’ll find it all here. This can be a convenient way to get school supplies too. This isn’t really a family fun idea, but it will keep your kids busy for a long time.

Water Parks

This is another family fun idea that we enjoy.  Since we live in Wisconsin, of course we had to check out Noah’s Ark in Wisconsin Dells.  As you may have heard, this is a huge water park.  There are many water rides and water slides and they usually add something new each year.  The cost is reasonable for a fun-filled day.  We usually check the weather ahead of time and pick the hottest day during the week to go.  We also like to pack our own lunch to avoid spending more money buying food there.  In August of 2005, we got the chance to stay at the Kalahari Resort which has an outdoor and indoor water park.  We reserved a hotel room which included admission to the water park.  All of us had a blast and can’t wait to go again next year.  So, why not check to see if there’s a water park near you.  We can guarantee you’ll all have a great time together and a lasting memory to talk about in the future.


A playhouse is a really neat thing to have and is another great family fun idea.  It could be a family project or a father and son project.  We found a great place that has amazing prices for these and they look so cool.  These playhouses come in all different sizes and there are two different styles to choose from.  There is a cedar mountain cabin which comes with a porch, furniture and cedar shingles.  This style comes in 1 size.  They also have a Victorian playhouse, which comes in five different sizes.  You can order a deck for any of these, and you can even get a loft for four of them.  The biggest one is 12′ x 8′ and is 8′ tall.  They all come with safety glass windows and screens, all you have to provide is paint and shingles.  This would be such a fun and easy way to teach kids a little bit about construction, and I can just imagine how proud they’ll be when their work is completed.

Family Fun Ideas

Remote-control Fetch Machine

 Don’t forget about your pets! They’re part of the family and they like to have fun too! If you have a dog that loves to fetch, then this is the perfect thing for him/her to have. You can relax while the machine does the work for you (throws tennis balls). You can even adjust the launch distance from 15 to 30 feet. Use the remote control or you can control the time setting to launch automatically from 7-15 seconds. Your dog will love it! You can find many unique products that you may have never heard of or knew existed. We found a lot of cool products at reasonable prices.

Remote Control Spy Car

This is a new item that I found that I thought was really cool. It’s a remote control car that sends you audio and video. This could be a lot of fun for kids and adults. People won’t know that it has a camera built in. Kids can use their imagination and pretend they’re secret agents!

Family Fun Ideas

Halloween Family Traditions

 Every Halloween (or close to it), we have made it our family tradition to watch the classic Halloween movies with Michael Myers.  We try to add to our collection each year and we would like to get them all (except Halloween 3 because that has nothing to do with the others).  So anyway, what we like to do for this tradition is get a group of friends and family over and make popcorn and watch the movies in order.  We like to watch them in the dark with only our jack-o-lanterns glowing.  We like to get people who haven’t seen these movies yet, but even if they have seen them, they still enjoy sharing this Halloween tradition with us.  Younger kids would probably enjoy the classic Charlie Brown cartoon, The Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown or the great mysteries of Scooby Doo cartoons.  Do you have a Halloween tradition or any other family tradition you’d like to share with us?  If you do, we’d love to hear about it!

Haunted Houses

Our whole family loves to go to haunted houses. We plan at least a month ahead of time so we can get as many people as possible, because we think it’s more fun to go with a big group of people. The group tries to pick the one’s that sound the scariest. After we’ve all gone through it’s fun to hear everyone talk about what they liked the best or what made them jump. Some haunted houses are really good. I still remember some good ones from about 10 or 15 years ago. You’ll usually find something new every year. This is a really cool family fun idea because it will create a lasting memory with your family.


If you or anyone you know collects figurines, this is where you will find anything from Precious Moments to Disney classics.  They have limited and exclusive collectibles and offer free shipping.  There are over 51,000 products to choose from.  You can even get fresh flowers and plants.  You will also find special items with different holiday themes.  Even if you’re not a collector, you’ll be sure to find a special gift for any occasion.

Portable CD Players

We noticed that whenever our family would travel a long distance, our three kids would argue over the music (the radio station or what CD to listen to). To solve this problem, we bought each of them their own portable CD player. This idea worked really well and there is no more arguing over what music to listen to while we travel.


There are many places across the U.S. that you can go tubing. Tubing is a great family fun idea for you and your friends/relatives. We have gone tubing a few times on the Apple river. There is also other lodging and outdoor concerts. Float-Rite (where we went, in Somerset, WI) has the longest tubing experience (2 1/2-3 hr. float). When we’ve been there, they’ve given us twine to tie our tubes together but you may want to bring extra so that you can tie a cooler in the center. Also, if you have small children, bring extra life jackets to tie inside the tube. This helps them feel more secure. When you get to the end of the river, you can ride the rapids. Tubing has given our family some lasting memories. We brought a camcorder along to tape our experience and we still get a lot of laughs when we watch it. (We kept the camcorder in a small empty cooler to keep it dry) We all look forward to the next time. This family fun idea really lets you spend time to talk with your family.

Family Fun Ideas

Play Sets

Play sets come with forts, slides, swingsets, and many things to climb on so it is like a kid’s dream. My brother bought a swingset for his kids when they were little. I was surprised how often they would be swinging on them. My niece and her friend would just swing and talk for hours at a time. I remember asking, “Do they do this every day?” and his response was, “Pretty much!” And this was from when they were about five years old until the age of 12 or 13. So I figure that play sets come with so much more, so your kids will enjoy it for much longer than a swingset. I recently received an ad for a blowout sale on playsets and was amazed that the same sets, or even ones that include more were almost half the price without a sale.

Night Swimming

If your family enjoys swimming at night, we found some great items that will add to the fun! Underwater lights would add some cool effects. Or, another cool item is the night time goggles which have built-inheadlights. There are also other products to help light up your pool!


Fishing is fun for the whole family. Even if you catch small fish or don’t keep the fish, it’s still fun to catch them! You don’t need a boat to go fishing. You can fish right from the shore or dock. Bring a cooler with drinks and food.

Jigsaw Puzzles

Our family enjoys putting puzzles together. It’s a lot of fun when everyone helps. The bigger puzzles are more challenging and better for the family to work on together. The smaller puzzles (500 piece) are better for 1 or 2 people. It’s especially fun when you get close to the end and everyone races to put in the last piece. We also like to listen to music while we work on puzzles because it makes it more enjoyable. We found a great place that has plenty of colorful, challenging puzzles with neat designs and shapes. Many of them would be cool to glue together so you can save them and hang them on your wall. There’s a great selection and you can’t find many of these in stores. You can Save up to 75% on puzzles, games, and fun!

Family Reunion

Our family always enjoys getting together for fun times. Even if we don’t do anything, we still have a great time just visiting because there’s always a lot of laughs. In the future, we would really like to get our whole family together for a family fun reunion at a hotel. We found that this would be an easy way to plan a family reunion.

Family Night

Pick one night of the week for family night. Our family picked Saturday. Nowadays, with both parents working, it’s hard to find the time to spend with your kids. But, it’s important to try to do this if you want your family to be close. Let a different member of your family decide ahead of time each week what they would like to do on family night. For instance, you could go out to see a movie or rent movies. You could also go bowling, hiking, bike riding, go out to dinner, etc. If you don’t have time to do this weekly, try monthly or as often as you can. Remember, famly fun is what life is all about.


Go-Karting is a great family fun idea and lots of fun for you and your family. There are plenty of places to go-kart in the U.S. and every track is set up different. What makes it fun for us is, while we’re all standing in line watching others go-kart, we each pick out the one that we think looks the fastest. The gate opens and we all run to the go-kart that we want. Sometimes you will choose the same go-kart as someone else, but they beat you to it. Then you are stuck with a crappy one. And then, the race is on! But even after you cross the finish line, the fun isn’t over, because everyone likes to talk about the races on the ride home, and we all have a lot of laughs.


we used to have a family fun annual golf outing with friends and coworkers. We would all form teams, we even ordered special T-shirts with the date & year printed on them. We all thought this was a lot of fun, even though we weren’t that experienced at golf. It was just another fun way to get together with family & friends. I know plenty of people take this game very seriously.

Family Fun Ideas

Hike & Picnic In The Woods

Hiking in the woods is another family fun idea. Our family tries to do this as often as possible. It’s great exercise and we enjoy the quiet, calm atmosphere. We also enjoy bringing along a lunch. We find a nice, shady spot with some big logs to sit on. We like to bring sub sandwiches, a bag of chips and of course, a drink. Don’t forget the bug spray and you may want some sun screen too!


Our family also enjoys camping but we like it best when we go with other friends or relatives. Then you can get camp sites right next to each other. Later, you can get together for a camp fire at night. We also enjoy having breakfast together in the morning. After that, we head down to the beach. This is a great way to enjoy special times with family and friends. This is another time when you might want to bring the camcorder for some good memories.

Glow Walk

You can use glow sticks and/or bracelets/necklaces to take a family walk or bike ride at night. Both my kids and their friends enjoy this idea, along with me and my own adult friends/family. Sometimes you can connect the bracelets/necklaces and spin them around while we walk, and it looks pretty cool. Or, they like to run ahead and hang them on a tree and hide. As the rest of us approach the hanging lights, they jump out and scare us. Even though we know their plan, it scares us every time. Another neat thing to do with these, is to put them on your wrists, ankles, neck and head. As we all walk together like this, we wonder how it looks to cars passing by. This is another inexpensive and great family fun idea that we wanted to share with you.

Glow Dive

Another neat thing to do with glow sticks, is if you have a pool, you can get non-toxic glow sticks and throw them in the water at night. it is a fun diving game, and if you wanted to, you could have each color of glow stick represent a certain number of points. whoever gets most points wins, fun and simple. It’s family fun for everyone.


My kids always used to go to their friends house to jump on their trampoline. Every day they would come home talking about how much fun they had. They would always talk about when all five of them were on it at the same time and they all jumped together, someone would always go flying in to the air. Of course my kids wanted one of their own, but we couldn’t afford to get one because we had already invested in a pool.

Obstacle Course

This family fun idea is really cool, just be careful. OK, use a stop watch or timer, and make your own obstacle course where everyone goes through it one at a time. time each person, and the best time wins. The obstacles can be anything from games(ex. Perfection) or a simple puzzle. They could run up and down a hallway, or stairs. You could even have them screw in a screw, hammer in a nail, or even saw a piece of wood. This can be done indoors or out. No matter what the obstacles are, it is fun to do and fun to watch, and it can get your kids some exercise in the process. This family fun idea would be great to record on video.

Thanksgiving Family Traditions

For our Thanksgiving tradition, we get up early to watch the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade on television.  It just doesn’t seem like Thanksgiving without watching the parade!  One of our favorite things in the parade are the giant balloons.  It’s fun to see some of your favorite cartoon characters as the announcers tell you about their features and their enormous size.  We also enjoy seeing all the floats that people create for this parade.  Many of them are really neat and the announcers tell you the story behind them.  You can also see that a lot of work was put in to the making of each one.  After the parade, it’s time to get ready for our Thanksgiving dinner.  We like to dress up a little for this special occasion when we get together with our relatives.  I personally love the smell of the turkey and stuffing while they’re cooking.  After our dinner, we all enjoy playing a board game together to top off this great Thanksgiving tradition.

Disney Sing-Along songs

Disney sing-along tapes are great for ages 3 & up. I bought these for my kids and they loved them. They show the words on the screen with a bouncing mickey to follow along. I would play these for my kids when I needed to get some work done around the house. (It was like having a built-in babysitter) You’ll probably even find yourself singing along. Now that my kids are teens, they say that they bring back memories and although they wouldn’t admit it to you, they would still be watching them. So when your kids outgrow them, you can hand them down to other family and friends with little kids to enjoy. I recommend them they’re excellent for child entertainment. This family fun idea will definatly bring back memories for you as well.