Family Fun Vacation Places

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Welcome to Family Fun Vacation Places…just to think of having a family travel together for fun and leisure. Is a great bonding time together and memories to certainly put in your families scrapbook.

There are so many places to carry your family and enjoy the activities that go with it. Think of what activities that your family likes.

Is it camping? Water parks? Site seeing? Amusement parks? There are so many places that a family can enjoy together, and of course your budget does have some to do with it.

One of our favorite places is the Biltmore Estate! Wow! what a place. The Biltmore is in Asheville, North Carolina. It is a wonderful place to go. If you like to see things that are breath taking then this is it! They have 8,000 acres of beautiful views, with fun family activites for all.

Family Fun Vacation Places

Experience Biltmore’s tradition of warm, gracious hospitality as an honored guest at the Inn on Biltmore Estate in Asheville, NC. Luxurious rooms. Fine dining. Exquisite spa services. Marvelous mountain views. A relaxing veranda. Afternoon tea in the library. Concierges eager to assist you. Carefree transportation around the estate.

I would recommend the Biltmore any day. As we traveled there it was one of the most exciting and memorable trips we taken in a long time.

We were really impressed with Biltmore Estate because it is America’s largest home®.It is in a mountain setting and has 250 rooms. This castle actually had a single family living in it. It is absolutely breath taking. You would not believe t until you see it for yourselves. The landscaping, the tall gorgeous ceilings, the beautiful crown moldings, the history and stories behind this one of a kind place.

Your family will remember for years to come once you take them there. I will tell you it was the most interesting place I have ever been. You talk about family fun vacations! This is a true place to travel. And, this would be a family vacation you will talk about for many years ahead.

There are so many things we did there, we did not have enough time to do it all. If we had of stayed for a few more days, we certainly could have taken it all in. But, unfortunatley we could not stay for 3 days to tackle all the activities.

While you are there you can go on carriage rides, schedule a horseback ride, off road driving, fishing. There is hiking on quaint little trails. Learn the techniques of shooting clay targets with a high-quality Beretta shotgun.

Oh, and as far as the little ones goes, for goodness sake just the open 8,000 acres offers more then you can imagine. I did not even want to leave!

It was a great experience for our family to get to go to the Biltmore, it was much history to be learned. And to know a home was built and the Largest Home in America® at that! Once there to see how the Vanderbilt’s lived back in the day was an amazing site to see.

George Vanderbilt’s legacy is a tremendous story to here. And, once the family has visited Biltmore, there is no way you would not make it a family tradition.

And, the thing is if you are a history buff. Your gonna love the true history behind the Vanderbilt’s they are truly a family to behold. The Vanderbilt family is a significant international family with Dutch origins, who were highly prominent during the 1800s due to the family patriarch Cornelius Vanderbilt.

he Vanderbilts were one of the oldest and best-known families in America. Jan Aertsen van der Bilt emigrated from Holland around 1650. Although his descendants prospered as farmers on Staten Island, New York, they lived modestly; it was only during the lifetime of Cornelius Vanderbilt (1794-1877), known as the “Commodore,” that the family name became synonymous with extraordinary wealth.

Patriarch to a sizable family—including his wife of 53 years, Sophia, 13 children, 37 grand-children, and 27 great-grandchildren—Cornelius established what became the Vanderbilt custom of luxurious residences. He also began the tradition of philanthropy, contributing $1 million in 1873 to Central University, a Methodist school in Nashville; it was later renamed Vanderbilt University.

Upon his death, the Commodore left most of his $100 million estate—a sum that made him the wealthiest industrialist of his time—to his eldest son, William Henry (1821-85). William Henry took over the family empire and eventually doubled its assets.

He, too, was generous toward worthy causes, funding the Metropolitan Opera in 1883 and endowing the College of Physicians and Surgeons, now the Medical School of Columbia University. The shrewd financier proved to be an equally astute collector, assembling more than 200 paintings.

These were displayed in the 59-room mansion he built in 1881 at 640 Fifth Avenue—the largest and most splendid house in Manhattan.

Only one of the eight children of William Henry and his wife, Maria Louisa (1821-96), was still living at home when the house was completed—the youngest, George Washington Vanderbilt, born in 1862.

Quiet and intellectual, he had been greatly influenced by his mother’s cultural interests, starting his own collection of art and books at an early age. Significantly, George would inherit the house and its contents after his mother’s death.

Unlike the rest of his family, however, George Vanderbilt was little attracted to commerce and fashionable society. He preferred the world of learning and travel, visiting Europe at age 10 and journeying to Europe, Asia, or Africa about once a year throughout his adult life. It was while traveling in the mountains of North Carolina that Vanderbilt first glimpsed the site for his future country home.

And country home it is, you must see it to believe it!!

When I tell you it is breath taking, those words can’t even describe it. There are wines to be tasted at their award winning winery. There are picnics to go on. There are pictures to be taken of magnificent mountains settings.

And, need I go on? Family fun vacations, is exactly what this is.