4 Family Vacations Games

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On your family vacations, your kids are bound to get restless.

Here are some games that can keep them occupied

1. I spy

Look around the room and pick an object.

Maybe that object is a lamp.

You say, I spy with my eye something that begins with the letter L.

Whoever guesses “lamp” wins and gets to pick the next object.

They’d be too busy guessing to create havoc on your family vacations that way.

2. Which finger?

Tap your child with a finger on his back.

He guesses which finger tapped him.

If he guesses correctly, he taps you or another kid on the back.

Everybody takes a turn.

Just make sure your family vacations do not turn into family brawls where taps become punches.

4 Family Vacations Games

3. Add the numbers

This is fun for the entire family, for those who are able to add, at least. Play it throughout your family vacation.

Give each person a piece of paper and a crayon.

Everytime you see a number, write it down.

Collect whatever numbers you see. If you see numbers on license plates, write that down. If you see numbers on sign boards,write that down.

Add up the single digits of all these numbers.

The person with the largest total, (added correctly of course) wins.

4. Color Bingo

Each person has a piece of paper with 5 colors.

Use the crayons to indicate the colors.

Each person has a different set of colors, so that it will be more fun.

Watch the people walk by.

When you see someone wearing one of the colours on your paper, cross it out.

The first person who crosses out all his colors shouts BINGO and wins.